Top tips for plastic free camping

Enjoy the outdoors without all the plastic waste

With the weather starting to warm up and Spring finally here, what better way to escape the stress of work and the city than with a camping trip.  Whether you go camping all the time or you’re planning your first trip, going plastic free whilst on the road requires a bit of preparation and creativity! 

Here are our top-tips for a sustainable camping trip.

  1. Shop smart

Changing your purchasing habits can significantly reduce plastic waste. When it comes to food, the waste produced tends to be the highest. From paper napkins, plastic cutlery, plastic bottles, plastic wrapped foods and soft drink cans it is not uncommon to see this kind of rubbish littered all over the campground. When shopping for your trip try and buy loose produce in bulk.  This way you can control portion sizes (to avoid unwanted leftovers) and be able to store the produce in your own reusable jars/bags.

*Cheeki tip: Keep your menu simple –bread, salads, sandwiches and chocolate (of course). This way you won’t have to worry about cooking and finding/bringing any gas cookers.

  1. Choose and reuse

If your buying camping gear for the first time, invest in a brand that is reliable and has good reviews. You want your equipment to stand the test of time instead of having to be constantly replaced. When your equipment does start to show signs of wear and tear, opt for repairing it rather than replacing it. Or pass it on to someone who is willing to give it some extra love! If you’re not wanting to splurge on the gear, try and borrow equipment from a friend. 

Additionally, take reusable plates, lunch boxes, cutlery and drink bottles to ensure you’re not forced into purchasing any plastic options. It might be worth investing into reusable and biodegradable camping sets if you are not wanting to take ceramic plates and metal cutlery.

  1. Prime the ice box

Buying plastic bags of ice everyday while camping is both expensive and inefficient. It’s worth investing in a good quality cooler box that keeps ice for 3 to 4 days. Priming the ice box you ask? Before the trip simply place some ice from your freezer into the box for a few hours. This cools the box down prior to filling it with ice. It’s amazing how much longer you can keep ice this way reducing the need for buying more ice bags during the trip.

*Cheeki tip: Freeze meals you plan to eat beforehand so you can use them as ice blocks to keep other produce cold.

  1. The clean

Before your trip bring a container or cardboard box to collect any recycling along the way. This way you can dispose of it correctly either at a nearby recycling bin or at home. Make sure to bring an old cloth instead of using paper towels. This can be used to replace wet wipes, q-tips etc!

Camping is a great way to get away from everything, enjoy nature and completely relax. With a little bit of planning and preparation there will be no harm to the environment or your pocket! Be sure to let us know your favourite plastic-free camping hacks down below!

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