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350ml Insulated Coffee Mugs

Love love love it 😊

Love love love my very old cheeky mug and now new lid. Ordering was very easy and delivery done in a timely manner. Thank you 😊


Love how long it stays hot!

350ml Insulated Coffee Mugs

Coffee Cup Lid Replacement

1.9L Cheeki Chiller
Naw Susu Bow
Love the proud

Good quality


We were very happy with our purchase and the pictures on the bottle and cup were fantastic with bright colours

Super happy

I really love this design and am so happy to have my new cup back in circulation!

1 Litre Insulated Adventure Bottle
Michelle Husbands Correa
Perfect bottle!

I already own the blue version and love it! It’s a great size to keep yourself hydrated during a long time in front of the computer and it keeps the water temperature perfect! The only issue I have is the absence of a handle to make drinking easier, but you get used to hold it after a few uses.

Tri-Tech Lid
Isis Castillo-vibert-guigue

Tri-Tech Lid

Replacement lid

I needed a new lid for my (older style)coffee cup but didn’t want to buy a whole new cup. It arrived very quickly & I was back in coffee heaven. Thanks for stocking replacement lids.


It is lid and it lids

Cheeki Classic Silicone Shield Lid

Very easy company to deal with. My replacement lids arrived promptly.

It does what it promises to do
Keeps my water really cold

350ml Insulated Coffee Mugs

Love how this cup keeps my coffee hot for hours. What I love even more is the new improved pop up lid you can now dismantle to clean. 10/10 Cheeki.

A bottle from the gods

I use to swear by the coffee mugs of which I now I have a collection.
But my insulated bottle takes it one step further. To say I love it , is an understatement. Starting a new job where there are limited places to access water this bottle keep my water cold all day, the animal design is unique so no one else has one. It is of high quality and the design flawless.
Id recommend this bottle to anyone who loves practicality wrapped in cuteness.

Been a long time user... Excellent product which stood up to about 5 years abuse in factory environment. Only reason I replaced it is the cap seal began to leak (a little), but I figure 5 years is a pretty good life
I was hospitalised once and had a colleague pick it up from work after 3 days and it still had ice in it. It has been dropped many times and aside from a few dents still worked perfectly.

Attractive and functional

I love this coffee mug! Easy to use, doesn’t drip and looks great.

Great bottle and cute design

I love my new Cheeki bottle. It keeps the water nice and cold, and I like the carry handle. The silicon bottom is also a nice touch, and the design is charming. I'm thrilled with it and would recommend it.

Meets expectations

Solid construction and aesthetic design. Keeps liquid hot quite well.

We love your products!

I bought the 500ml Cheeki Tumbler from the local health food shop in pink and loved it - my teen daughter eyed it off so I bought her her own - in rainbow pearl! Ice stays in blocks all day long, I just need to top up with water to refresh my cold drink as the day goes on!

Love it

Good product and makes a great gift. Because I want others to have it.

Best Cup Ever!

You can literally drop this cup into your bag and it won't leak or spill!! It keeps your hot drink hot for ages and is great to drink from too - without dripping from anywhere! Highly recommend. Oh, and it fits the cup holder in the car too - so sleek!


I love my cup it stays so cool for over 3 hours it’s amazing

Great keep cup

Easy to clean. Easy to disassemble lid. But be a bit careful when you put it back together. Leak proof when you close the lid. Very happy I got it.