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Must have !!

Live my new coffee mug x

Top quality

Fantastic quality n look , perfect size .
Thank you 4 professional service n fast shipping.


This cup is great! It's leak proof, the pop top that you can drink from any angle is so easy and convenient and it keeps my tea hot for hours. It makes it so easy to drink 2 litres of water a day in winter.

Stay Amazing Tumbler

Love this, love the colour and design, love the straw too to stop the caffeine staining my teeth!

Great Products, Great Service!

We love our cheeki products and recently when we lost a part I needed to contact Cheeki. The service couldn't be better. Our favourite are the food jars and the water bottles. :)

Cheeki 450ml coffee mugs

We have had Cheeki coffee mugs for years and decided it was time to upgrade only for cosmetic reasons. The originals have been dropped so many times on building sites etc., still worked great and did not leak but very scratched and dented. Upgraded and upsized, could not be happier. Warm the mug and then put the coffee in, stays hot for ages. Love the Cheeki because it works and you don't have to look to see what part of the top to drink from. Thumbs up from me.

Cheeki coffee cup lids

The new lids are great no spilling and easy to clean

Cheeki water bottle

I've had cheeki water bottles for several years and haven't ever been disappointed in the product. I bought a new one because one of my kids froze my spare. The new insulated bottle looks great and keeps drinks cooler too. Thanks.

Amazing Tumbler

Beautiful colour, does not leak, such good value, would definitely recommend.

LIMITED EDITION - Stay Amazing Tumbler

So happy with my 'Stay Amazing' Tumbler. It is a perfect size for a mixed drink or as a stemless wine cup and it looks amazing in the limited edition pink. I loved it so much I bought 2 more as gifts for girlfriends.

600ml double insulated bottle

We purchased a number of these bottles and they are amazing. It keeps my cup cold all day.. Will never buy another bottle again other than Cheeki. 😁😁👌

Amazing product!!

I absolutely love my tumbler!! I take it to work everyday and put ice in it in the morning and the ice lasts for hours!

Perfect for Work

What a great product.This water bottle is the perfect size to fit in my esky and being 1.9L i can fill it the night before and it lasts all day long and the water stays really cold.

Great drink bottles

Very quick delivery and really happy with the product. I bought them for my husband and boys for work, only complaint from them is the need a handle on the side, a few more colour options would be good, had to put a sticker on one so they wouldn’t mix them up

450ml travel mug

These mugs are fantastic and I use them all the time. Great when you are driving as the 'mouthpiece' is the full circumference of the lid, they're leak proof and they keep hot beverages hot for hours. Great value!

Great service

Prompt delivery. Easy website and best of all solved a problem for under $5 Very impressed with the product. Thank you

Exceptional Products exceptional service and exceptional earth care

We have used Cheeki products for a number of years now and they are all going strong even when dropped off the roof of the car a number of kms down the road. I had to laugh recently when I put my insulated water bottles in the fridge to get cold. To my surprise the next morning they were at room temperature. lol so I splurged and purchase 1.6 single wall water bottles that have surpassed my expectations. I also bought some cleaning tablets which worked extremely well on my water bottles and I d thought I’d try on my tea /coffee cup it came out sparkling clean no more brown on the inside. Cheeki’s products are exceptional quality do what they say they do and the colours make me smile. Thanks for caring about the individual, the world and creation.


very good, i like it, cool colour

Love my containers

I purchased 2x 1L Classic Insulated water bottles with the active lids. Hubby was sceptical about the active lids but all is great. Love the convenience of twisting the top to maximum flow and having a good drink while out on the road. The handles on the containers help to hang them on our camp chairs to keep them of the floor, but totally happy with them. What I love the most though is that we’re keeping more plastic out of land fill/the environment. Doing our bit for generations ahead of us.
What I love most though is that Cheeki is an Australian owned company.

Totally awesome

Love the quality, the colour and it does what it says its going to do. Ill be buying again!

Perfect for work

Hike in- hike out wilderness trips require carrying litres of water.
Going to the shops or work doesn't. Larger water bottles can be heavy, take up limited hand bag space and can be excess to needs.
The 400ml Classic is perfectly suited for those daily life experiences that don't require clambering up an overgrown dry creek gully through waist high stinging nettles searching for fresh flowing water because somebody, not mentioning any names, Emma, did not check the recent rainfall in the area.
Fits easily in the side pockets of back packs and can be easily attached to prams with a carabiner clip. Great for kids.
Recommend 😊

Bigger Cheeki!

I have been using a Double walled 600ml for a number of years now, but some of my other brand bottles (gifts, so not the first choice ;)) are wearing out on the seal of the lid, so I thought it was time I got the Wife and I a 1L unit. Well worth it, and lighter than I thought when full.
Highly recommend.

Best coffee mug ever

The lid is so cleverly designed. Keeps my coffee hot for ages too. Going to buy one for my husband next. Think I know what to buy for birthday presents etc this year!

Great bottle

Looks good, works well, light and functional. I’ve bought one for all the family.

Fantastic Cheeki Reusable Cup

Love this little beauty! Great design & the leopard print is a stand out