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Tri-Tech Lid
Masela Draper
Sports lid for drink bottle

I have been very happy with the sports lid I received for my Cheeki drink bottle, and appreciate that it was sent postage free as I could not buy one for my drink bottle in Darwin.

350ml Insulated Coffee Mug - Rust

Amazing quality

Received my first order from Cheeki last week. A water bottle for my toddler, and I am absolutely amazed by the quality of this product. It’s well made, keeps his water nice and cold for many hrs, comes with its own little straw brush. Well worth the money!

Love it

Just love it. Have been with Cheeki bottles for years, but it seems like every new iteration is a little bit better

Awesome experience

Awesome experience

450 ml insulated coffee cup

What a great drink bottle!

I have been looking for a decent water bottle for ages, and the Cheeki 1litre single walled stainless steel bottle is everything I ever wanted. The order arrived quickly too. I'm happy to recommend this bottle!

Love my Cheeki

A product of high standard.

Fast Rings

Child lost a ring on Dads keep cup whilst dish washing. Disaster! Ordered. Within a few days they arrived. Simple to change over. Stopped the leaks! Hooray happy Dad!!

450ml Insulated Coffee Mugs
Lynette Ho
Large Insulated Coffee Mug

This is the best Insulated Mug I've ever owned. Best thing about it, is it doesn't leak. I can throw it in my bag, upside down and not worry about it leaking. It keeps hot for hours and the design of the lid is very user friendly. No plastic bits poking your face, the liquid comes out like drinking from a normal cup. The large size is perfect and fits into the car cup holder. Would like to purchase more for gifts and it would be great if there are more bold colours to choose from so no mixup between family members and friends.

Almost perfect

Cheeki insulated mugs are really good. They do what they say…….keep drinks Hit and cold for hours.
Have given 4 stars as I am having some difficulty with keeping a small O ring in place.

Coffee Mug Replacement Lid
Margaret Magarey
Cheeki lids.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my Cheeki coffee cups for years now. I’d pick up a coffee in the morning, carry it to work in my handbag with no fear of spills, and keep it on my desk for the next 1 1/2 hours knowing it would still stay warm. They were improved even more when the lids could be pulled apart to wash thoroughly and it’s an excellent idea to provide replacement lids separate from the cups.


Great quality great product

Cheeki parts

While I don't understand why the inside tip breaks off my cheeki pop top, I love that I can just buy replacement parts for it, rather than having to throw it all away.

500ml Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler

Love love love these!! Take 2 to work everyday. 1 with fresh juice the other with my smoothie. They stay cold for hours. Great for my health kick!!

Supports my values

The idea of inbuilt obsolescence really upsets me so when my cheeki water bottle needed a new lid I was rapt to know I could order it separately and keep my battered but perfect insulated bottle in action. Better still, the replacement of the silicone in the lid is available on its own too. So impressed. Thanks cheeki ❤️

Love Cheeki

Love their products. I have had my Cheeki mug for almost 5 years and the top part of the lid broke after years of wear and tears and maybe fastening to tight and it broke, but it was super easy to purchase the replacement part to have my cup working great again for the next few years.

Replacement Lid for Fav Water Bottle.

So happy to learn Cheeki make replacement lids for bottles and mugs. My poor water bottle has been loved and dropped but still carries water perfectly. I bought a new lid and my water bottle is back in use everyday. Love it.

1 Litre Single Wall Active Bottle
Michelle Harding
1 Ltr Stainless steel water bottle

Sturdy bottle that keeps your drink cold and refreshing for a long time.
Highly recommend CHEEKI.

500ml Insulated Tumblers
Rhiannon Yates
Gorgeous design!

This tumbler is simply beautiful, keeps my smoothies cold and makes life on the go so much easier!

We love this drink bottle! Unfortunately it has already been dropped and the lid is already broken in the first few weeks we have it. Is there anything we can do about this?

Love my replacement lid

I replaced the lid to my cheeki mug and it’s so nice having a nice new lid, it’s like I got a completely new mug. Highly recommend replacing your lid if it’s starting to look a bit old and worn out like mine was.

silicone shield

Thanks for the cheap and easy solution that helped me use my beloved Cheeki bottle for another few years!

1 Litre Insulated Adventure Bottle
Deborah Kennett

I was very Impressed with my order I use it daily won't go back to anything else happy happy happy

Just in case

I purchased a spare lid for my cheeki cup, just in case I loose the one it came with or we have a little accident. Can’t be without my cheeki insulated cup, its just the best. The spare lid is exactly the complement to the cheeki cup.