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great bottle

Quality made bottle, insulated lid and great look. Keeps your water cold all day even in the heat. Couldn't live without our Cheeki's

Sports bottle

Really like this product! Really good for the kids easy to use and they look great too

Active bottles

I ordered 3 Cheeki active bottles and I am quite pleased with them as they are well constructed. However, although the new lid works quite well I do wish you still had the option of the older sport bottle lids as they were very simple - just tip and pour and I found mine has never leaked and is super-easy to clean. My old one is still going well but is only 750ml and I like the 1litre size. It would be great if you still had the option of the old lid - any chance you’ll be bringing it back?


Amazing I got them for my 3 boys and they have been so good so easy to clean

Avocado CHEEKI

This is my 3rd CHEEKI. Its great to have a cup of tea on the go, especially when I am busy at work. Keeps my tea warm for hours. Highly recommend this product.

Best coffee mug I've ever used! Love its clicking to open/close mechanism

This coffee mug is like my new best friend.

360 spring lid review: Its lid mechanism is very well thought off and satisfying to use. Although its advisable to clean the cap often after use as accumulated gunk can jam up the spring mechanism.

Insulated cup review: Really keeps my drinks either very hot or cold for long periods of time. For lovers of ice coffee, simply add ice cubes into the cup and your drink stays cold "forever".

Proud Owner

Sooo I love my coffee and by extension (and perhaps overuse) my coffee cup. I am always bragging about how wonderful it is and showing it off to everyone. I bought a new cup as my old one was starting to wear with age. Mind you I bought it at least 2 years ago and used it daily. Imagine my surprise when I saw the range of products I could buy. So I did I bought a coffee cup and x 2 different types of drink bottles and some cleaning products. I use my coffee cup and drink bottle daily. This coffee lover is in caffeinated heaven.

So happy!

I’m a return customer because sadly I lost my original cup. When I went to line to purchase I was so excited to see new sizes and new prints! So instead of buying 1, I had to buy 2! My leopard and avocado prints just make me so happy! Great products!

Love them!

So far love the multi purpose tabs - disolved well and cleans like a dream! So happy to have found a product that reduces plastic waste so substantially and is better for the planet :) The only thing I would change is if the little wrappers could be compostable somehow too! At the moment I'm just putting them in my soft plastic recycling.

Pretty in pink

Love my pretty pink insulated Cheeki cup for my morning takeaway coffee, now it’s still hot by the time I’ve walked from my local cafe back to work and taken the lift to the 9th floor ☺️ Just wish it came in a smaller size as well for those of us who like our coffee with less milk… eg. Piccolo or cortado size coffee.

The BEST travel coffee mug money can buy!

Omg. I will never use any other travel mug.
It doesn't leak!
It keeps your drinks hot!
It's metal not plastic!
And It looks great!

350ml Coffee Mug - Silver
Esther Robertson
awesome commuter mug

I now have 4 of these mugs, and they are just fantastic!!!! easy to use, non-spill and keeps liquid hot for HOURS

400ml Lifesaver

Great size for desk and on the move, handle is useful and insulation works very well. Looks great also.

Best mugs ever

My mum keeps my coffee hot for hours

Love my bottle forever

Purchased new blue cap for inside the lid of the bottle, have been using our bottles for 3years already, now can use for another 3 years. So happy with our bottle, used daily and still as good as the day I got it.

Funkiest thing you’ll carry all day!

Love, love, LOVE my Cheeki coffee mug. It slides into my handbag and whether I’m at work, visiting a friend in hospital or simply shopping, I pull it out and have a much needed caffeine hit. By far the funnest designs on the market - thanks Cheeki!

The BEST drink bottles ever!!!

After my last order of another 600ml insulated drink bottle, my family all officially have one of their own now. Perfect size for taking to school and my kids love how they stay chilled all day even in the hottest of weather. I use mine in winter to take to work filled with herbal tea too, keeps it hot all day. Absolutely love Cheeki products, keep up the great work, team!!

Insulated wine tumbler

I love it. My drink keeps cool for hours.

Perfect Keepcup

I have had my Cheeki Keepcup for over 4 years now. I have just purchased my second replacement lid because I can. I just love having the option and my Cheeki keeps on keeping on. Love it.

Wonderful coffee cups

We now have 4 products from this company and they are all great! I would highly recommend to anyone.
The coffee cups stay warm for hours. They are easy to wash and are nice to drink out of. They do not leak which is such an amazing feature about them!!
I will continue to buy from this brand

600ml Insulated Active Bottle

A great replacement for a very well used Cheeki double insulated bottle. The twist lid and new carry handle are two much appreciated improvements.


Have been using Cheeki products for years and have not found another product that compares. Love the non spill lids on the coffee cup. Just bought the bigger 450 ml coffee mug and love the colour and size, but especially that my coffee stays hot for hours if I need it to!

Simply terrific

I didn’t realise how many plastic bottles I was using until the ‘cash for containers’ scheme was introduced. A quick skim through Choice recommendations signalled Cheeki as easy to use. Bought one. It was great. Then popped online to buy two more. They even had the colour combination of my favourite footy team!

Fabulous Leppi print mug

I just love my new mug. Not only does it look fabulous, it is so functional and I love how I can drink all around the top. Will be getting plenty of use from this as I’m out and about. Great quality product!

Excellent Products

Just ordered our 4th & 5th keep cups. Ours keep disappearing, friends keep taking them, they are that good.