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Insulated and Single Wall Bottles



Insulated and Single Wall Bottles



400ml,600ml,1-litre-insulated,500ml,750ml,1 litre,1.6 Litre,



400ml: 400ml Insulated || Perfect for handbags or small backpacks.;

500ml: 500ml Single Wall || The go-to bottle, light for small bags.;

600ml: 600ml Insulated || Our most popular insulated bottle.;

750ml: 750ml Single Wall || The favourite all rounder, Perfect for sports activities.;

1 litre: 1 Litre Single Wall || Lightweight all day hydration, a good companion for a long walk.;

1-litre-insulated: 1 litre Insulated || The trusty insulated day companion, perfect for hiking and trekking.;

1.6 Litre: 1.6 Litre Single Wall || The handy camper or best for keeping water cold in the fridge.



1.6 Litre Single Wall
The handy camper or best for keeping water cold in the fridge.

Cheeki Reviews

1033 reviews
Very quick service

Great service from this company. Delivery was very quick. Great product keeps the wine cool. I don’t like to pour a large wine because it heats up too quickly.

Active Single wall 1 litre

I absolutely love my new cheeki 1 litre single wall bottle and the new active drinking lid is fantastic. The carry handle is also very useful.
My delivery was extremely quick and efficient. Great company, great products, I highly recommend cheeki bottles.

Cheeki is Leaky

Easy to order, quick to deliver, awesome insulation (warm water remains warm all day), love it! The Tri-Tech Sports lid is a great addition, just remember to turn the lid to 'X'. The Cheeki insulated water bottle on its own, is a really good, Australian owned product, that works and looks great.

Cheeki water bottle 1.9L

Used it twice already. Couldn’t be happier. 20 hours later and the hot water was still hot.
Tried cold and roughly 10 hours later was still freezing cold. Perfect size for the amount of water it can hold. Pretty could chance a second will be purchased

Cheeki cup

I love the tumblers as I can keep my coffees cold whilst on the go 👌🏽