Plastic Free Picnics


With Spring right around the corner and the weather starting to warm up what better way to enjoy the weather than with a plastic free picnic. You might not have thought much about the amount of plastic we use at picnics, but from plastic cups to plastic food wraps there is always a reusable option! After-all who wants a big pile of rubbish to clean up afterwards?

Here are our favourite plastic free picnic swaps:

  1. Ditch the Cling
    Try using reusable food containers and reusable food wraps for those items that need to be stored. If you can, try and purchase foods that are unpacked and organic that way you can use your own bag from purchase to consumption!

  2. Prep
    Instead of buying pre-prepared dips and meals, why not bring along something homemade! Not only are picnics the perfect place to show off your cooking skills but they also allow you to use up any leftovers!

  3. BYOB
    You may have heard this before, but we’re talking about the eco-friendlier version – ‘Bring Your Own Bag’. A reusable picnic basket instead of plastic bags will make the world of different to not only the aesthetic of your picnic but significantly reduce the environmental impact. Dodge the plastic bags in supermarkets and bring your own.

  4. Plate It Up:
    Instead of using paper plates that only get used once and then meet the bin, take a plate or bowl from home. Additionally, instead of using plastic cutlery invest in some reusable cutlery or take some with you from home.

  5. Reusable cups/bottles
    Every plastic free picnic needs a reusable water bottle or wine tumbler. Cheeki reusable bottles will ensure your wine or water will stay cold for up to 24 hours. 
  1. Recycle
    Remember any little bit helps. Recycle what you can, choose reusable alternatives, add leftovers into meals and most importantly don’t leave any rubbish behind!


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