Insulated Wine Tumblers

Your New Everyday Companion

The Cheeki insulated wine tumbler will be your new best friend this Spring and Summer! Cheeki’s insulated wine tumbler features a superior double walled, vacuum insulation, stylish stemless design, light weight and durable.  For added “cheekiness” we’ve included a spill resistant lid plus a stainless-steel straw!

 Cheeki Wine Tumbler

Insulated wine tumblers are the latest product from Cheeki to keep your drink hot or cold until the last sip. There is nothing worse than when your beer or wine goes warm or the coffee or tea your drinking gets cold. That’s why we have created this tumbler which will keep your beverage cold for up to 6 hours and hot for up to 3 hours. Don’t see any single-use plastic cups doing this!

What can I use my Insulated Wine Tumbler For?

Create a Cocktail

The 220ml Tumbler is perfect to whip up your favourite cocktail. Featuring a spill-resistant lid and stainless-steel straw you don’t have to worry about your Expresso Martini staining your clothes. Never has it been easier to take your cocktail on the go!

Wine and beer

No one likes to drink wine or beer out of a plastic cup when they’re on the go. Cheeki’s stemless insulated wine tumbler is perfect for those afternoons in the sun. Simply remove the lid and pour in your favourite brew. Gone are the days when you had to worry about broken glass from wine and beer bottles, Cheeki tumblers are both functional and durable. They are also sweat-proof. No need to worry about all those droplets of condensation on your cold drink, even on the balmiest of nights.   


Take your smoothie with you in Cheeki’s Wine Tumbler. The 320ml Tumbler is the perfect size to drink your smoothie on the go. On a warm, summer’s day this wine tumbler will keep your smoothie cold and refreshing.

Tea and Coffee

The Cheeki wine tumbler is also perfect for tea and coffee. Shatterproof and spill-resistant, this Tumbler will make sure your beverage stays hot for up to 3 hours.


Want to take ice-cream on the go? or simply want it to stay colder for longer? Cheeki Wine Tumblers are great way to take ice-cream with you to the park or picnic. 

How to Clean my Insulated Wine Tumbler?

Cleaning your Insulated Wine Tumbler has never been easier. CHANGE Water Bottle Tablets making cleaning your reusable stainless-steel products quick and easy. All you need to do is fill up your Cheeki Wine Tumbler with warm/hot water drop in the CHANGE table and leave for 15 to 20 minutes allowing the tablet to completely dissolve. Rinse thoroughly after the clean and you’re done! This will get rid of any grime, bacteria and germs that may reside in your tumbler.

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