Australian Non-Toxic Awards (ANA) Finalists 2020

We are thrilled to announce that Cheeki has been selected as a finalist in the Australian Non-Toxic Awards 2020! 

The Australia Non-Toxic Awards celebrate exceptional products and businesses that prioritise not only their customers health but their local and global communities. Now in its second year, the Awards recognise products that are:

Safe – containing only non-toxic ingredients and materials.

Ethical – manufactured fairly using ethically-sourced ingredients & materials.

Sustainable – produced ensuring long-term environmental quality for future generations.

Responsible – beneficial to the welfare of local and global communities.

This year Cheeki is finalists in three different categories:

1. Reusable Cup Cheeki Insulated Coffee Mug

2. Reusable StrawsCheeki Stainless Steel Straws

3. Drink Bottle– Cheeki Insulated Active Bottle

Founder of the Awards and head of Research and Education; Emily Fletcher says “We are determined to make these awards transparent, authentic, unbiased and scientifically factual whilst helping people choose healthy products that align with their values. We are so proud to be creating such a valuable resource and are very excited for the change it can affect in the future.” 

The Awards are 100% independent and unaffiliated with any brands, corporations and media organisations. Free from sponsorships and advertising, the ANA’s ensure a fair and transparent judging process. Products are reviewed by a panel of experts made up of industry professionals, eco leaders, writers, editors and influencers. This year the panel includes Sarah Berry of the Sydney Morning Herald, environmental activist Laura Wells, author Lindsay Miles, influencer and author Sjana Earp, beauty editor Sigourmey Cantelo, ethical fashion blogger Brittney Dreghorn and many more! 

Winners of the Australia Non-Toxic Awards 2020 will be announced in November. For updates keep an eye on the ANA Instagram page; @australian_non_toxic_awards and the Cheeki Instagram page @cheeki_bottles.

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