What is the best promotional products for my summer event?

Summer means you hit the beach, follow your favourite bands to the music festivals, try exotic food at the food festivals in your town and just soak yourself in the sun outdoors. Marketing your product is easier with so many festivities lined up. It is the consumer that builds your brand and the best promotion strategy is using products that the consumer can use. That way you are always in sight of the consumer. Marketing and psychology go hand in hand. You have to use that product for advertisement which  the consumer needs and can relate with.

Customized water bottles and other drinkware  are your best promotional products this summer for whatever the occasion is. What better way to advertise than by using drinkware which people would love in the heat?! What’s great is that by choosing co branded reusable products, you are also standing for sustainability. It’s not just the quality of your product or service that attracts more and more consumers to join you but also the larger vision you are sharing.

Why choose Cheeki bottles for Co Branding and custom printing?

We offer co branding and custom prints on all our products and with us you can give out a green message as we provide reusable drink canisters etc. Your consumers will know that you care for them as we produce our goods from premium food grade stainless steel with no inside lining, non-toxic inks and BPA-free material.

Custom print bottles

At Cheeki our aim is to promote refill and reuse and help you get the exposure you need. Cheeki offers custom printing on all our products, be it a water bottle, tumbler, coffee mugs, you name it! You can get your brand logo, tagline, message engraved on our products with ease. Our drink bottles are great for whoever your targeted consumers are- men, women, kids, and whatever their age may be. Our insulated bottles retain temperature of drinks for 24 hours. And the wide range of colours and great design are definitely going to make your advertisement stand out. They’re washable, light-weight and fit easily in bags and can be taken to different locations- parks, schools, gym and much more!

Cheeki’s Custom Printing

Deciding what type of printing is best for your co branding is very important. Do you want to print the entire surface of your reusable tumbler or cup or just a small portion? The most common printing techniques are known as pad printing and rotary printing.

Pad Printing: It is a type of printing that prints a 2-dimensional image on a 3-dimensional object.

Let us break it down for you-

  • There are different types of pad printing machines depending on the size of the image that needs to be printed and colours offered. Pad printing is very popular in promotional industries.
  • Three main components that are used by machines for printing on a substrate are- plate, ink cup and a pad.  
  • The ink-cup holds the ink that is to be used for printing.
  • A pad printing plate is often also called cliche. It holds the image that needs to be printed. The plate is etched with the image that you want to get printed.
  • The pad is used for the purpose of transferring the image. The pad picks up the image on the ink-filled etch or plate. The pad then drops that image on the part of the product and the image is applied.

In simple words, suppose you’re wanting to get a drinks bottle printed, all you have to do is put the bottle under the printer and the printer prints one side of your bottle.


Rotary Printing: In rotary printing  images are printed in such a way that they are curved around a cylinders. Promotional water bottles, mugs and cups that need to be printed on their entire surface are printed using the rotary printing technology. With rotary printing you can achieve maximum printable length and diameter.

customized bottles



How does rotary printing work?

  • The image that needs to be printed is fed to the printer.
  • The product is then put under the printer. The mechanism is such that your product slowly rotates, again this depends on the device that is being used.
  • While the product rotates, a small needle like object filled with ink moves back and forth on the product and prints the image.






Rotary printing offers clear and rich coloured images and gives a great finishing.

Our custom prints are detailed and neat and would look great with our trendy and cute designs of bottles, tumblers, mugs and cups!

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