Plastic Pollution affecting Penguins

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that penguins are not only cute but also important for the marine ecosystem and Pia the penguin agrees with us. Pia is a penguin who lives in Antarctica. Her favourite movie is Happy Feet and she relates with the Macaroni Penguin that was stuck in the plastic packaging. The plastic waste and the problems it causes to penguins and other animals is an example of how polluted our oceans are becoming. Not many humans live near Antarctica but that doesn’t mean there is no plastic problem. Ocean currents push waste to Pia’s home and it’s causing real problems.


penguin botlePenguins are an important part of the marine food chain. They bring from the ocean many essential nutrients to land when they come back from swimming or hunting. And like all animals, they release nutrients back to earth. However, plastic debris is reaching Antarctica in the form of micro-plastics, plastic waste etc and the penguins are having a hard time. Micro-plastics, as the name suggests, are small pieces of plastic. These are any pieces of plastic that are less than five millimetres long. Micro-plastics have various sources like degraded plastic debris from beauty products, medical products and so on. Aquatic life often mistakes it as food. Penguin can either eat pieces of plastic directly or they can indirectly eat it when they eat fishes who ate them as well. This has two effects-


  • Penguins are unknowingly starving themselves as they are not eating real food.
  • They are harming their digestive system and other processes of growth and development by eating plastic.

The problem doesn’t end here. The plastic on the surface as well as the bottom of the oceans is degrading the quality of water by releasing toxins and similar is the case of Antarctica.

Plastic pollution is increasingly making living conditions worse for aquatic animals when they are already facing enough trouble due to climate change. It is the small steps on our part where we recycle, reuse, reduce our plastic consumption that will lead to a big change. As the species and the generation responsible for this problem, we are accountable for blame. Pia shouldn’t have to worry about getting entangled in fish nets, choking on plastic. All she should worry about is which dance move she should master next. By making Pia one of the faces of our reusable kids bottle, we are standing against single use plastic. 

insulated kids bottles
Ditching single use plastic and plastic bottles is what we need now and switch to reusable products. Cheeki stainless water bottles are reusable and with our new range of drink bottles for kids, we are inspired even further to work for a sustainable environment. The animals that we have chosen are affected by polluted oceans and our kids range insulated bottles are to raise awareness among kids because they are the future of this planet. One might ask, why did we name these animals? It’s because once you give something a name, you acknowledge their presence and right now all Pia needs is that his problems are addressed and Cheeki is doing just that. 

penguin water bottlePlastic water bottles are not only harmful for the ocean, it can also be harmful for humans. Plastic water bottles when exposed to direct sunlight can release toxins in the water. Cheeki Kids insulated bottles were designed to raise awareness among kids about the effects of plastic pollution on marine life and our oceans. Cheeki water bottles are made of double wall stainless steel to keep the water cold for longer period.

Features of Kids Insulated Bottles.
flip top insulated bottle

  • leak-proof sip top lid with straw.
  • Double Wall stainless Steel
  • Adjustable water flow settings
  • Insulated kids bottle to keep water cold for longer.
  • Silicon sleeve to protect the base of the water bottle.
  • Lids with hand grip.
  • Constructed from the highest quality, 304 grade stainless steel.
  • Sticker pack included
Cheeki kids water bottles are perfect for picnics, car trips, camping or just for every day use, Pia kids bottle fits into school bags, most cup holders and little hands. Kids flip top bottle comes with adjustable flow settings lid with grip handle so they can easily be attached to a hook, bag or pram

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