Ocean pollution and single use plastic affecting Sharks

SharkThe marine kingdom is in ruins and Sammy is extremely upset that he cannot do anything about it. Who’s Sammy, you ask? Let us introduce you to our great white traveler of the ocean, Sammy the Shark. Being at the top of the food chain means a huge appetite for Sammy. The problem is, the little fishes that he eats have been feasting on the plastic pollution from humans. So every time he eats a little fish, he eats a little bit of plastic and it builds up in his body. This is called biomagnification. This problem is faced not only by Sammy but also by other marine animals.

What is Plastic Pollution?

sharkIn simple words, Plastic pollution means the undesirable change caused by plastic in an area. Plastic debris is increasing at an alarming rate on the surface as well as at the bottom of the ocean. This comes from various sources, discarded plastic bottles, cigarette butts, and packaging just to name a few. By eating lots of plastic can be really harmful to the body. It's not just the fish it also affects human health as we are eating fish that are full of plastic. Sammy and his other shark friends also risk getting entangled in fish nets. Sharks do breath underwater but most of Sammy's friends have to keep swimming to make sure water is going through their gills. If no water goes through then the sharks will drown. This is yet another problem causing an imbalance in the marine ecosystem. 

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Plastic based pollution is a real concern for every species on the planet. It is upon us as consumers and producers to preserve every bit of our legacy. The planet is our legacy. Ditching single use plastic and plastic bottles is what we need now and switch to reusable products. Cheeki water bottles are reusable and with our new range of kids drink bottles with sip tops, we are inspired even further to work for the environment. The animals that we have chosen are the most affected by polluted oceans and our kids range insulated bottles are to raise awareness among kids because they are the future of this planet. One might ask, why did we name these animals? It’s because once you give something a name, you acknowledge their presence and right now all Sammy needs is that his problems are addressed and Cheeki is doing just that. 

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Plastic water bottles are not only harmful for the ocean and the marine kingdom, its also harmful for humans health. Plastic water bottles when exposed to direct sunlight can release toxins in the water. Cheeki Kids range water bottles were designed to raise awareness among kids about the effects of plastic pollution on marine life and our oceans. Cheeki kids water bottles are made of double wall stainless steel to keep the water cold for longer period.


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