Cheeki’s New Stainless-Steel Water Bottles for Kids

We started by introducing stainless steel bottles with an aim to put a stop to the pollution caused by single-use plastic. We take pride in the contribution that our products have made over the years towards sustainable development. 

kids insulated bottles

Children are at a greater risk of dehydration than adults. Nobody can stress the importance of drinking water enough especially when it comes to children. They run, jump, break things and do everything with an energy that we envy. For them to keep doing that and not get overheated, they need to stay hydrated to maintain body temperature.

Our new stainless steel kids canteens are the new gossip of the town and here’s why-

Stainless Steel: Our kids drink bottles stand for saving the planet. They’re eco-friendly and what better way to teach our kids about saving the planet than by saying goodbye to plastic and hello to stainless steel! Kids insulated bottles are durable and most importantly safe. Plastic bottles can potentially release toxins into the water that can cause various health problems. Stainless Steel is everything that plastic isn’t. Additionally, our kids bottles are BPA free.

•Insulated: Insulated water bottles are great at keeping water cold for up to 24 hours and are great for all seasons! Insulation in our kids bottle range is provided by the vacuum and the double wall insulation which retains temperature by not letting heat to move in.* Please note : This water bottle is not to be used for HOT water*

•Portable: Easy to lift, easy to carry as it comes with a handle designed for easy lifting for kids The water bottles can easily fit in the backpacks and are lightweight for kids to carry to school. Kids will love our insulated reusable bottles.

•Sports tri tech lid: This is a unique technology which provides three adjustable flow settings. The leak-proof setting ensures that the bottles are safe to be kept in bags. Additionally, the dust lid keeps the mouth of the bottle clean.

 •Easy to open flip-top: We don’t want our kids to not drink water just because they are unable to open the bottle. Our new range kids and toddler water bottles are easy to open flip-top is hence introduced so that they can beat that thirst in seconds.

insulated kids bottle

Sip top: The sip top is designed for easy drinking of water. A sip top means that our kids can drink water without lifting the bottle and through the lid.

stainless steel sip top bottle

•Protected base: Kids somehow have the power to break things within minutes. But don’t worry, Cheeki water bottles for kids have a silicone base which makes the bottle unbreakable and is great for school, sports and any other activity.



kids bottle



•Variety of colours: The insulated and BPA free bottles come in exciting new shades that would definitely make you a trendsetter among other parents. Every insulated kids water bottle has a different character from the sea world made on them like dolphins etc. These characters are chosen as to raise awareness about how plastic is polluting their habitat. We just added fun to learning and drinking water!

•Sticker pack: The sticker pack is an exciting addition to the colours we provide our sports bottles in. It makes drink bottles fun for kids to play with.

kids bottle stickers  

With the new range of our kids insulated drink bottles, our aim is to make the young generation a part of our vision #RefillReuse. With Cheeki products, kids can do their bit for the environment simply by learning and being sensitive towards the issue of pollution. 

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My son pulled the sraw out while it was drying after a clean. Can this be put back in . It won’t work for me.

Emma July 20, 2020

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