Meet Cheeki's New Ambassador

We are excited to announce that former rugby league footballer Ryan Girdler has signed on as Cheeki’s first Ambassador. 

For the past ten years Cheeki has been spreading the Refill Reuse message across Australia and the world. We were on the look out for someone who embodies what we preach. After reading a recent study from the Penn State University* which found men can be unwilling to perform environmentally friendly tasks if they’re perceived as ‘gendered.’ (article can be access here) it got us thinking. 

Why aren't more men involved with helping our planet? There should be nothing "gendered" about working towards a better planet. So, we set out someone to help break down these so-called barriers to going eco-friendly.

Then we met Ryan, family man, cafe owner and rugby league commentator based on Sydney's Northern Beaches who embodies what Cheeki is all about. Simply swapping the single-use to reusable products. Making little changes to make a big difference. Men, women, young and old, everyone can do it. 

Coming into summer it's the perfect time to encourage all Australians to help protect the Australian coastline, ocean and marine life from plastic pollution by choosing healthy, sustainable and quality alternatives to disposable plastic.

“There are so many simple ways we can make a difference to protect our beaches and marine life – and choosing to refill and reuse is just one.  There is no excuse for single use.  I am thrilled to be announced as Cheeki’s first ambassador – supporting the community and embracing sustainability is at the heart of what I do, and I hope to see more blokes joining me over summer refilling and reusing,” said Ryan. 

In the next few months we will be spreading our message to everyone since we are all involved with helping out the planet. Next time you're out and about be sure to #refillreuse since we'd love to see how you are doing your bit! 




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