Cheeki Wins Silver, People’s Choice and Bronze at this Year’s Australian Non-Toxic Awards

Cheeki has come out a Silver, People’s Choice and Bronze winner at this year’s Australian Non-Toxic Awards which were announced over the weekend.  

Awarded a Silver Rosette in the Lunchbox category for its range of stainless-steel lunchboxes, Cheeki was named one of two in People’s Choice for Eco Innovation and also received the Bronze rosette in this category.  

Cheeki also received a Bronze rosette in the drink bottle category for its innovative range of stainless-steel drink bottles.

The Australian Non-Toxic Awards seek to make it easier, less confusing and quicker for all of us to make the best non-toxic choices.

The Australian Non-Toxic Awards is the only one of its kind to recognise products which are made with the highest ethics and standards in ingredients and materials.  They celebrate the best in non- toxic and socially responsible products, with categories ranging from baby wipes and nappies to drink bottles, lunchboxes, skincare, bed linen and cleaning products. 

Entry for these awards was subject to very strict criteria, with products then going through a long and in-depth process of being judged on their standards of non-toxic ingredients and materials, quality, function and efforts made for the product to be produced in a socially responsible way.

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