Are You Drinking Enough?

With our bodies made up of more than 60% of water, it is critical for our body’s overall function to replace what we have lost – are you and your family drinking enough?

Every day through breathing, perspiration as well as flushing out bodily toxins, our bodies lose water.  Hydration levels vary from person to person and according to gender, age, activity levels and seasonal temperature however the signs of dehydration are all the same. 

One of the best indicators of hydration is urine colour which should be pale yellow in colour or clear – a strong and distinct yellow will indicate that your body is dehydrated and in need of fluid intake.  Thirst is another indication of hydration – if you are feeling thirsty, there is a good chance you are starting to develop symptoms of dehydration and should tap into water.

Infrequent urination, dry skin and mouth as well as a rapid heart rate, feeling faint as well as lacking in energy can also be linked to symptoms of dehydration.

According to Australian nutritionist, Chrissy Mumford, as a general guideline, women* and men should aim for eight cups of fluid daily and 10 respectively.  Four to five cups are recommended for children up to eight years of age and adolescents are advised to intake between six to eight on a daily basis.

Of course, these guidelines change pending on weather temperate and activity levels.  

In hot heatwave conditions sweat production (fluid loss) increases so Chrissy Mumford advises it is essential that extra water intake is consumed.  Likewise, when undertaking any form of exercise, extra fluid intake is essential to replenish the body’s water – any exercise that raises your heart rate and increases sweat production such as weights, hot Bikram yoga and cardio will require more water than lower intensity workouts. 

During hot weather and when exercising, according to Chrissy Mumford, it is also very important to not only replace water loss but also loss of electrolytes through healthy snacks to properly hydrate the body.  

Chrissy Mumford stresses the importance for kids to be educated on regular water consumption and for them to be able to identify the signs of dehydration.  Throughout the day especially during school lunch, sport and play as well as in hot weather, kids should be regularly sipping water throughout the day.

“Even going about our daily business will affect our hydration levels – from the office air conditioning through to caffeine-containing beverages such as coffee and tea can all play havoc on our hydration.  There are also a number of health conditions such as diabetes which can see increased fluid loss, so it is vital water intake is adequate throughout the day.  We should opt to sip water regularly through the day versus drinking large amounts in one go which can dilute the blood and cause our kidneys to quickly excrete it resulting in insufficient hydration.  Not only is water vital for hydration but it is essential for waste elimination, digestion, absorption, blood volume maintenance and the delivery of oxygen throughout the body,” said Chrissy Mumford.

In areas affected by water restrictions, rather than tipping it down the sink, it is recommended any unused water be reused around the house and/or garden. 

To ensure you are drinking enough Chrissy Mumford recommends using a stainless-steel water bottle such as Cheeki’s Active range of bottles featuring the patent pending ‘Tri-Tech’ Sports Lid – exclusively designed with adjustable flow settings to match your thirst.

With a simple twist of the ‘Tri-Tech’ lid, water flow can be adjusted from fast, medium and slow making it the perfect water bottle for everything from yoga to a high-intensity work-out and everything in between.  A further twist of the lid to the off position ensures your bottle is 100% leakproof.

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