Branding the sustainable way.

Branding is nothing new, it’s an integral part of any business trying to get their brand out there in the world. Moving into 2020 people are becoming much more environmentally conscious and jumping onboard with the plastic-free movement and it’s time to really think about branding and how you display your messaging.

The question is, do you want to slap your logo on a piece of plastic like a pen or a keyring that will most likely end up broken or in the bin? At Cheeki we’re seeing many businesses and organisations customising products with logos and messages on high quality, reusable products. Mainly for two reasons; it lasts much longer and it’s actually something someone will use over and over again.

Our stainless-steel drink bottles are the most popular option with coffee mugs coming in second. It’s something that will get used over and over again. Not a bad way to promote your brand.  

You may be thinking “they are brands that are about sustainability so they would go a sustainable product for branding?” That’s not the case. We see many different brands and organisations from schools, real estate agencies to sporting clubs. It’s not just about being “sustainable” but rather associating a brand with a high-quality product. 

Trying to get your message across through all the noise of advertising, in particular online advertising it’s sometimes good to go back to basics and go for the traditional option. You may be surprised how much difference it can make having your logo on a quality, innovative product.

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