Tips on reducing plastic for 2019

It’s difficult to go completely plastic free but there are many ways to reduce your plastic use. Cheeki is encouraging everyone to jump onboard and make 2019 a year we all use less plastic for our health and for the planet. Here are some tips on reducing your plastic use and if you have of your own some tricks or tips please feel free to share it with us! 

Use non-plastic containers

With the convenience of plastic containers and wrapping it makes it hard to break the mould to switch to non-plastic and reusable containers. Luckily there are many eco-savvy businesses out there to help you go plastic-free. You can start by using stainless steel and glass food containers. As for wrapping food, switch to paper bags or bees wraps to avoid the plastic. 

Avoid bottled water

Bottled water is the one of the biggest, unnecessary polluters. It’s easy to pop a reusable bottle in your bag or simply take one around with you. In Australia we are blessed with drinkable tap water and if you’re not a tap water fan many shopping centres and city councils provide free filtered water for refilling. 

Stay away from pre-cut and pre-packaged foods

In the age of convenience many grocery stores provide pre-cut vegetables and salad mixes that are wrapped in layers of plastic. Try and take the time to buy whole fruits and vegetables since nature already provided most of them with a  protective package. Cutting it up yourself not only reduces plastic but ensures you get the best quality out of your produce.

Make your own condiments

This can be a fun way to create new sauces for your home and at the same time save the plastic. Making your own sauces lets you know exactly what you’re putting in them and lets your store them in reusable jars instead of cheap plastic containers.

Bring your own bags.

With major stores phasing out plastic bags it does act as a good reminder to bring your own. In addition, by bringing your own reusable mesh produce bags can make a huge difference to your plastic waste while shopping.

Bring the cup 

For the coffee lovers it's always a good idea to bring your own cup. It's estimated that 1 billion coffee cups end up in landfill each year in Australia. If you have the time, the a moment and enjoy your coffee sitting at the cafe. 

Ditch the straw 

You don't need to use a straw all the time. Bring your own if you really enjoy using one and if you find yourself straw-less try the old technique of drinking from the glass. 

Get loose

The humble teabag has components made from plastic. When possible opt for loose leaf tea with a tea strainer. 

Switch to wood, stainless steel, iron and silicone cooking utensils

Plastics can easily make their home in the kitchen but by switching to plastic-free products makes your food safer to eat and brings out better flavours. Even non-stick pots and pans can be lined with chemicals derived from plastics that can leak into your food. The good news is that there are plenty of options out that to avoid the plastic like silicone ice cube trays, metal spatulas, bamboo chopping boards and the list goes on.

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