10 years of Cheeki

Cheeki was born on the northern beaches of Sydney in 2009 with the purpose of bringing a healthy, stainless steel alternative to the single-use plastic. 

Since 2009 Cheeki has invested over quarter of a million dollars in product development and today Cheeki is pleased to bring you some of best and innovative stainless-steel reusable products on the market. 

Some of our developments include;

A specialised “Silicone Shield” that not only helps keep your drink cool/warm in our insulated range but prevents the contents in your bottle touching any plastic. No harmful chemicals, no synthetic linings, just food grade stainless steel and natural silicone.

The Tri Tech Sports Lid that has been engineered to feature three adjustable flow settings. When the lid is switched to the “off” position the lid is 100% leakproof making it easy to throw into your bag. 

It’s not only the products that Cheeki has been innovating but also the packaging. We try our best to minimise wastage where we can and our packaging is made of recyclable paper and cardboard. No plastic cases, foam or bubble wrap.

On top of all the innovations Cheeki has developed a great, seasonal colour palette for our bottles. We update our colour palette regularly but we always stay loyal to the old favourites. Just like our 600ml Insulated silver drink bottle below.

As Cheeki reaches its 10th year we are still 100% committed to providing high quality plastic alternatives that are better for the planet and better for you. 


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