Three Steps to Keep your Stainless Steel Water Bottles Clean

You’ve bought your Cheeki stainless steel water bottle because you know how much plastic is strangling our planet; or you respect your body and health too much to absorb any more toxicity from plastic; or you really liked the Australian Cheeki designs and colours of your bottle or you simply prefer the taste of fresh drinks versus that lingering plastic aftertaste. Whatever your reasons you have made the right choice!

If you have a brand new bottle and are excited to take your first slurp make sure to wash all parts with warm soapy water, rinse well, fill it with your favourite drink and enjoy. Congratulations, you’re good to go!

For everyone else, fast forward a couple of weeks of loving your bottle and taking it everywhere and your eco-friendly, zero-toxicity, beautiful bottle doesn’t taste so good. It’s giving you that tired and dirty look which isn’t looking so rad… maybe it probably doesn’t smell so great either.

This is because mould and mineral deposits collect on any surface and they have decided the inside of your bottle is a pretty cool place. This is perfectly normal and no reason to fret - stainless steel is non-porous so there is nowhere for bacterial or fungus to grow, it simply needs to be removed.

While lids may be occasionally put in the top rack of the dishwasher, bottles should not be put through the dishwasher as it will affect the beautiful painted designs on the outside of your bottle.  Note tho that regular dishwasher use on lids will disintegrate the silicone seals on the inside.

Using Cheeki’s simple, eco-friendly house keeping tricks regularly you can bring your bottles nearly-new zing bouncing right back but don’t be tempted to put in the dishwasher as this will destroy the painted designs on the outside of the bottles.

First you need to invest in a bottle brush. you can find one at your local grocery store in the “baby” aisle.

If you are a water drinker a regular brush round the inside with water will be sufficient to keep your bottle fresh most of the time. Juices, sodas and other mixed drinks means your bottle will need more stringent cleaning on a regular basis.

Step 1: Give your Bottle Some Daily Love

Brush the inside of your bottle regularly with a small bottle brush and water.

Step 2: Weekly Scrub Down

If the inside of your bottle is starting to look, feel or smell of anything other than stainless steel you may like to try one of these options on a weekly basis. These Cheeki tips will also remove stubborn stains and discolouration.

Regular white vinegar is excellent for removing staining and cleaning the inside of your products.  Shake a couple of tablespoons of household white vinegar around the inside of your product and leave for a couple of minutes.  Rinse well. Or… 

Mix two heaped tablespoons of baking soda with warm water. Paste this onto your bottle brush and rub against the inside of your bottle.  If stains are particularly stubborn leave the baking soda mixture in your bottle over night. Rinse well. Or…

Purchase a CHANGE water bottle cleaning tablet and let the tablet take care of the rest (no need for scrubbing) 

Step 3: Tuck it in at Night

Store your empty Cheeki bottles upside down with their lids off to ensure they do not smell stale when you need them next.

Or fill them with your drink and leave in the fridge over night. If you have an insulated bottle just take the lid off for perfectly chilled drinks the next day.

Strong and durable, your Cheeki bottles are designed to be with you for life.  Look after it carefully and it will go anywhere with you.

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