Tips on staying sustainable this Christmas

Unwrap the wrapping

One of the biggest wastages during Christmas are the tonnes of gift wrapping which is simply thrown away and most of it ends up in landfill. Instead, place presents in a nice, reusable box or eco bag and if you do need to wrap your presents aim to use non-glossy paper that can be easily recycled.

Eat Less Meat

Yes, this is a tough one. Everyone waits all year to eat Christmas ham however, cutting down on meat is good for you and the planet. For us in Australia we’re usually sweltering in the heat which presents a good opportunity to introduce salads and lighter meals to the Christmas lunch.

Pick your Shrimp to go on the BBQ

Prawns are another crowd favourite at Christmas but most wild prawns are caught using a relatively destructive method of fishing. Australian farmed prawns are better, sustainable option. A little tip, be sure to double check that the prawns originate from Australia. It’s always good to know where your produce comes from.

If you are going to be serving seafood for Christmas try and buy produce that features the MSC certification. To make life easier The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) has created a guide to help make a more sustainable choice. 

Switch to LED or Solar Christmas Lights

Making the switch to energy saving lights will not only be good for the planet but also for your hip pocket.

Be Gift Conscious

It’s super easy to grab some cheap stocking fillers for the family, especially the extended family you only see once a year. Try and reduce the waste and plastic and move towards homemade gifts like baked goods or you can give the gift of an experience like a nice dinner or trip to the zoo.

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