Arch Support Thongs - Pink


Step out in comfort with our NEW arch support thongs! Made from specialised Comfort Foam these thongs made from a single-mould design are more comfortable, durable and supportive than your "regular" thongs. Feel the Cheeki difference and grab a pair today!


  • Specialised Comfort Foam for a "personalised" approach to comfort.
  • Single-mould construction for extra durability and near zero chance of "blow outs"
  • Raised arch for orthotic support
  • Raised heel for added comfort
  • Antibacterial - Prevents odour causing bacteria
  • Tight, secure straps to prevent "clawing" and overworking your toes
  • Lightweight


Our range of thongs follow a US sizing chart.









5 2.5 4 3 36 226
6 3.5 5 4 37 235
7 4.5 6 5 38 245
8 5.5 7 6 39 255
9 6.5 8 7 40.5 265
10 7.5 9 8 42 272
11 8.5 10 9 43.5 282
12 9.5 11 10 45 292
13 10.5 12 11 46 302
14 11.5 13 12 47 312


If you are unsure of your foot size simply measure your foot and match it with the size of the thong in MM. Please note that this is the size of the thong, not the foot so give a minimum 1cm buffer to ensure your foot will fit properly.

For example if your foot is 235mm long it's the same length as the size Womens 6 however, your toes and heel will be sitting on the edges of the thong. Selecting the size up to a Womens 7 will provide a better fit.

Need help measuring your foot? Click HERE

Thongs can be cleaned with warm soapy water - avoid using harsh chemicals or very hot water

Do not leave thongs in direct sunlight or expose to high temperatures as this can warp/damage the product

Caution must be taken when wearing on escalators and moving walkways to prevent serious injury

To avoid Injury thongs should not be:

  • Worn for any activity other than walking
  • Worn on wet, slippery or sharp surfaces
  • Worn if you feel unsafe or in unsafe environments
  • Worn while driving or operating any machinery


How does the sizing work?
Cheeki thongs are sized in US sizing and is categorised by MENS and WOMENS and the size is in the product description. Orders are based off colour and size for example - M12 Black is a size US 12 in Black.

Why is the Cheeki logo a little "Off"

This is due to the logo being hand-painted. As with all things done by hand no two items are the same. We feel it gives the thongs a little more "Character"

Why arch support?
Aussies love their thongs and rightly so! The way the foot is put together the arch of the foot acts like a springboard to help us walk, run and jump. Traditional thongs are flat and don’t support the arch.  By not supporting the arch it can cause the foot to “collapse” which can result in pain. So, a healthy supported arch is important for overall foot health.

What does it mean by Antibacterial?
Smelly feet are a result of sweat but it’s not the sweat that causes the odour but rather it’s the bacteria that feasts on your sweat that create the odour as a result of their waste. Our specialised comfort foam is formulated to restrict the growth of this bacteria to prevent the odours. No one wants smelly feet.

Is your Comfort Foam BPA Free?
Yes it is! Our material has been tested to contain no traces of BPA and is safe for us to wear.

What is “Single Mould?”
Traditional thongs have the strap plugged into the sole of the thongs. This is where the saying “double pluggers” comes from. The two plugs for the straps provides extra strength however, a single mould design means that the product is all one piece so there’s no need to plugs or “blow outs”

Is the packaging recyclable?
Yes, the thongs come in a non-woven bag (commonly used for reusable shopping bags) you can use it as a bag for your thongs or head to your major supermarket and recycle the bag through the reusable bag recycling bins.
Is there a warranty?
Yes, the products have 6 month limited warranty for manufacturing defects

How best to care for the product?
The specialised foam, although ultra-tough can be subject to warping in hot temperatures. It’s recommended to keep thongs in the shade and NOT in direct sunlight or hot cars to prevent the thongs from warping.

Is the material hypoallergenic?
The thongs are made from moulded EVA which is used in many different things however, our product is NOT certified hypoallergenic.

Will these thongs fix my foot issues?
These thongs will not ”fix” or “cure” any medical conditions. They may however, ease foot related issues.

I don’t have any foot issues but will these still be good for me?
Yes! These thongs are great for people who don’t have any foot or lower limb issues. They are designed to be comfortable for everyone

I wear orthotics, is it OK to wear Cheeki thongs?
Yes, the thongs are designed to be a complimentary product to orthotics as the shape is meant to mimic the raised arch of an orthotic insert.  (This is general advice only)

My Cheeki thongs are really tight, is that normal?
In some cases this can be normal and that’s due to the tight strap. The tight strap is aimed to keep the thongs on your feet fitting snug but if it is too tight we recommend gently stretching the straps to make it slightly wider.

Does that antibacterial mean they will prevent tinea?
No, they are only designed to prevent odour causing bacteria. It will NOT prevent any foot related fungal or bacterial infections.

Why can’t the thongs be left in the sun?
Unlike traditional thongs which are made from rubber Cheeki thongs are made from a specialised foam. As tough and durable as this foam is for the thongs it’s not so great in extreme heat for prolong amount of time. The heat can cause the material to warp so it’s best to avoid excessive heat.

Are these thongs made from recycled material?
No they aren’t, The reason is that recycled EVA is an inferior material so instead we’ve decided to use a “virgin” EVA which is much more durable.



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Love it!

Can't wait for summer. These are really comfy, great arch support. And a lovely colour

Lisa E
great product during pregnancy

My weight gains during my third trimester caused my feet starts back pain & feet pain, I didn't think the arch support thongs will help me much till I got one pair, It's a big relief. I recommend pregnant mum should get one .

so far so good

These arch support thongs on trend , got two pairs , very happy so far .

Gordan Speers
those cheeki thongs

I bought a pair last week and absolutely love feet definitely don't hurt as much post wearing.
Highly recommended !

Ella Nelson
can't love more

It's the most comfortable thongs I ever wear , I don't have foot issues but heard arch support thongs are good and support me walk around all day . I wear them almost everyday , The Pink color is great, can't love more ..recommend everyone

Walking Comfort

Our thongs are made for walking! Our specialised Comfort Foam and raised arch provides orthotic support and overall comfort

Tight, Secure Strap

Keeps your thongs on your feet instead of your toes doing all the work

No plugs, no worries

Our single-mould construction removes the need for plugs making them tougher, durable and less likely to "blow out"

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