To get the best fit it’s helpful to know your foot measurements.

If you’ve checked out our size guide and are not sure what size is right for you, find out how to measure your shoe size with our step-by-step foot measurement guide.

What you need:

  1. Paper
  2. Pen
  3. Tape measure or ruler

Step 1

Place your heel up against a wall and pop a piece of paper underneath your foot. Carefully trace your foot as close to the toes as possible (Use an assistant for a better tracing result)

Step 2

Once you have traced your foot measure a straight line from your heel to your big toe.

Step 3

Once you've measured your foot you'll need to add 1 to 1.5cm for you thong size. This allows your foot to fit into the thong rather than have your toes or heel hang over the edges.

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