Oska the Orca


Hi I'm Oska, the Orca or Killer Whale and some may know me as. Technically, I'm not actually a whale but a dolphin. The biggest dolphin species to be exact. Unlike my whale cousins (except the toothed whales like the sperm whale) I have teeth to help me eat. Most whales have bristles called baleen which are used to filter the water for plankton I prefer real food. 

Weighing in at six tonnes I get hungry, real hungry. Sometimes I get tangled in plastic netting but the biggest problem for me is eating plastic from my food through a process called Biomagnification. 

 Simliar to my friend, Sammy. For example, 10 little fish have 1 piece of plastic in their body. A medium size fish eats those 10 little fish and now that bigger fish has 10 peices of plastic in it's body. Then big fish eats 10 medium sized fish. This equals 10 x 10 pieces of plastic meaning that one big fish has 100 pieces of plastic in their body. For lunch I feel like eating a big fish, because I'm so big I want to eat 10 of these big fish. That would mean I'd be eating 10 x 100 pieces of plastic which means I would have 1000 pieces of plastic in my stomach.  

If I keep eating like this I'll become very sick. My stomach will become full of plastic which stops my body from getting proper food and I could die. I know I'm big and a tiny bit of plastic my not affect me. That tiny bit of plastic can easily become a big piece of plastic. Not matter how big or small, all plastic is bad in the ocean.