Sammy the Shark


Hi, I’m Sammy and I’m a Great White Shark. The open ocean is my home and I can be found cruising around the waters.

I’m what they call an apex predator meaning that I’m at the top of the food chain in the ocean. This means that I eat many other animals including fish, squid and many other marine animals.

Unfortunately, plastic is slowly making its way into my stomach through what’s called bioaccumulation. What’s bioaccumulation? Well, if a little fish eats a piece of plastic and I eat that little fish it means I also eat that piece of plastic. Once piece of plastic is OK. 

If a big fish eats 100 smaller fish and all those fish have 1 piece of plastic that larger fish will be carrying 100 pieces of plastic. Since I’m so big I have a big appetite and I eat 10 of these big fish. So I’ll be eating 10 time 100 pieces of plastic. Which means I’ll have 1000 pieces of plastic in my gut.

Once plastic is in the food chain it’s very difficult to remove and since I’m at the top of that food chain I’ll be eating a lot of plastic!

It may be hard to see how plastic effects my life but it’s the hidden “microplastics” that are a real problem for me.