What is the benefit of serving wine in Insulated Wine Tumbler?

In ancient times there was a debate between the Greeks and the Roman about who made better pottery? The Greeks won that debate but the war didn’t stop there because it hurt the sentiments of the Romans. In the first century AD, a Roman agronomist Columella warned his readers against buying jars which were porous or badly baked, and advised them to apply an inner lining and an outer coating to the jars to create a tighter seal for the wine and this changed their lives and ours. The motive behind this story is to make our modern generation aware about the wine which we use regularly. They didn’t have the technology that we do. The Cheeki Insulated Wine Tumbler comes with an airtight lid which keeps the exposure to the air to a minimum and it comes with a straw, so don’t worry about stains. This wine tumbler is made from food grade stainless steel which makes them B P A (Bis-phenol A) free. Now, you don’t have to worry about shattering your favourite wineglass because these Insulated Wine Tumblers are shatterproof, and you can use them anywhere.

·        Insulated: stainless steel wine glass with a removable BPA-free lid. Set off on your refreshing adventures with your water, wine, cocktail and icy-cold for 6 hours or your coffee and tea scalding-hot for over 3 hours! Use it as a insulated wine jar or stick your straw in your refreshing drink through the straw-friendly lid.

·        Shatterproof: It is made from 304 18/8 food grade stainless steel, coated with a special treatment that minimizes fading and chipping. Stainless steel wine mug is easy to carry and can fit in smaller handbags without any breakage.

·        Spill Safe: Wine tumbler lid minimises any spillage and also prevents dust or any bugs falling into your drink. Whether you're sipping hot chocolate by the fire, a chilled pinot grigio with friends, or cocktails at a party, Stemless tumbler maintains your drinks' perfect temperature.

insulated Wine tumbler

·        Easy to Clean: Regular cleaning liquid combined with water is a good everyday option for cleaning stainless steel wine tumblers. Reusable wine glasses are easy to clean and dry and you don’t have to worry about damaging the class while washing because their shatterproof design

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