Reasons to buy a wine tumbler.

Insulated Wine Tumblers

Insulated Wine tumblers make wasted wine a thing of past. You can drink wine from whatever glass you want but there are few reasons you should give insulated wine glasses a try. Insulated wine cups keep your wine, cider or gin and tonic insulated for longer. Insulated wine tumblers are handy for white wines, cider or any kind of drinks where you want to add ice in the drinks without diluting the liquid for a long time.

Whether you enjoy a glass of red or you're a white winelover, you will be satisfied with the range of Cheeki wine tumblers.

Here are few reasons you should consider buying a wine tumbler.


Stemless Insulated wine tumblers preserve floral aromas by maintaining the temperature of the wine. Insulated wine tumbler comes with vacuum insulation that keeps beverage cold for up to 3 hours and hot for up to 5 hours depending on the content. Due to vacuum the outer layer of stainless-steel limits the transfer of temperature from outside of the bottles to the inside which in simple word means it limits the heat conduction or convection between steel walls which helps to preserve floral aromas. If you are using a glass insulated cups the insulation time may be lesser compared to stainless steel wine glasses

No more broken glasses

White Wine TumblerYou don’t have to worry about shattering your favourite wine glass. Stainless steel double wall wine cups are shatterproof, durable and portable. Stainless steel wine mug is easy to carry and can fit in smaller handbags without any breakage. Enjoy your favourite drop of wine in wonderfully crafted, quality wineglasses.

No Spill

Cheeki wine tumblers comes with a stainless-steel straw and a lid. The lid minimises any spillage and also prevents dust or any bugs falling into your drink. Wine tumbler lid can be removed with a flick of a thumb and its easy to put it back on.

BPA Free

Insulated wine tumblers are made from food grade stainless steel. They're are not made from plastic, which makes them B P A (Bis-phenol A) free.

Durable and long lasting

Stainless steel wine tumblers are condensation free and comes with non-toxic coating on the outside to prevent the wineglass from scratches and marks.

Easy to clean

Regular cleaning liquid combined with water is a good everyday option for cleaning stainless steel wine tumblers. Reusable wine glasses are easy to clean and dry and you don’t have to worry about damaging the class while washing because their shatterproof design

Environmentally friendly

Plastic Wine glasses used in food and wine festivals are a big contributor to the plastic waste which is harmful for our environment by choosing a stainless-steel wine tumbler you are not only minimising waste but also you are saving the environment.

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