What happens when you're dehydrated

You hear it all the time. Drink more water! And here at Cheeki we’re big spruikers of the benefits of drinking more water. Something that doesn’t get mentioned that often is what actually happens to your body when do you drink enough water. After a little bit of research and chatting to some awesome nutritionists we’ve come up with seven key problems that occur when you are dehydrated. 

Dark urine

Urine has naturally occurred chemicals called urobilin which gives it the yellow pigment. The less water you drink the more your kidneys try and save water which causes your urine to become more concentrated.  

Light headiness

As your body becomes dehydrated your blood volume will drop. As the blood volume drops so does your blood pressure and prevents the brain from getting enough blood. When this happens it can make you fell dizzy or lightheaded.


Research suggests that dehydration can make you feel lethargic or tired even if you’re well-rested. This can be due to lower blood pressure associated with dehydration.


Not only it is suggested that dehydration can cause tiredness and light headiness but dehydration can make you cranky.

You get thirsty and crave sugar

It’s a no-brainer. When you’re dehydrated you generally experience thirst. This isn’t exactly a terrible feeling however, when you’re really thirsty it’s common to grab anything to quench your thirst. Drinks like soft drinks, juices, ice tea etc can provide a quick fix but aren’t effective in hydrating your body.

Loss of appetite

When you experience light headiness or headaches due to dehydration this can lead to a loss of appetite. No one wants to eat when you’re feeling dizzy!


This is a very extreme symptom of dehydration but if your blood pressure drops too low it can cause a loss of consciousness due to a lack of blood to the brain.

Along with many other issues due to dehydration it’s super important to drink water, even when you’re not thirsty. Since if you’re feeling thirsty it’s the first sign that your body needs water. To keep hydrated it’s recommended to maintain constant sips throughout the day. To assist, the Cheeki Sports Lid is a great way to do so. With a controlled sipping spout, it makes it easy to sip all day, every day.

Please note – this is not health advice, only recommendations. If you have any questions please consult with a healthcare official.

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