5 Reasons to keep ditching single-use plastic during COVID

COVID has change the world, there’s no doubt about that. Here at Cheeki we totally understand and respect that changes in place for public health but there are some areas which make reducing plastic difficult. Many areas have increased plastic food containers due to take-away only or not allowing the use of reusable coffee cups for health reasons.  Yes, it may be hard to stay motivated during this time but here are five reasons to keep reducing and reusing.

 Our Efforts are making change

With more and more people making the change to using sustainable products and reducing single-use plastic is pushing governments to make permanent changes in their legislation. South Australia has already put in place a ban on single-use plastic with QLD doing the same this month. NSW, WA and VIC government following behind by implementing similar legislation within the next few years. This is a direct response from consumer behaviour and the more we change as consumers the more the planet will change for the better.

Added time at home can help reduce and recycle

With more time at home due to lockdowns it provides an awesome opportunity to plan and create more at the home. For example, instead of throwing food away you can get creative in the kitchen and create some awesome meals with the bits and pieces in the fridge. As for plastic-use it gives a great opportunity to review and revise the household items that could be plastic-free. For example, buying paper wrapped toilet paper or buying glass jars to refill at bulk stores instead of buying it in plastic.

Go reusable and get noticed

Not only do reusable fabric face masks look much better but according the World Health Organisation they are also safe to use and, if kept washed and sanitised can be used over and over again. Plus, you’ll notice others wearing reusable fabric masks too and it’s almost like wearing a little badge saying “I care for the planet” which is a nice touch. With take-away food and drink it’s much safer and better to bring your own straw. You know it’s clean and sterile and how easy is it to throw a reusable straw in your bag or pocket?

Communities are still running clean-ups

There are still many individuals and small groups still going out and doing clean ups. Yes, the lockdown rules have changed the way they operate but plastic is still a problem and there are many community groups doing their bit to keep their community clean. You can get involved or simply just pick up some rubbish on your daily exercise. Every little bit makes a difference.

Every little bit makes a difference

As cliché as it may be, every little bit you do to reduce plastic does make a difference. Sure, it may not feel like it’s making a difference. You may think it’s pointless to use a reusable fabric facemask when you just see others just go through disposable ones but indirectly, your efforts in reducing plastic may encourage someone else to use a reusable fabric mask. Your efforts keep the conversation about plastic pollution going, COVID will eventually subside but plastic will still be here causing problems and keeping the conversation alive will promote more and more change into the future.

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