New Cheeki Packaging Supports Marine Life (Photo by DEAP)

Hello Summer!  Cheeki have just relaunched with fresh new designs, our stainless steel upgraded and our resolve to ban plastic stronger than ever.

Cheeki New Packaging

Shelf ready packaging is now looking great for Cheeki displays in store around Australia and overseas.  All bottles (except for the 830ml sports bottles) have been repackaged with a box showing all the best sides of our Cheeki bottles.

Our premium grade stainless steel, dual lids, BPA free products can be seen and touched through the box and the shape highlights the fun and bright Australian designs in non-toxic inks.   

The boxes show a picture of a marine animal who's life is being taken on a daily basis by plastic that floats around our polluted oceans.  With the majority of plastic water bottles ending up in landfill and our oceans our mission to ban plastic needs your help more than ever.

Dolphin Research Australia discovered that "of the 106 Franciscana dolphins studied, 28% had plastic debris in their stomach." 

Stay tuned to Cheeki - there is more still to come over the summer.  In the meantime check out our new website for sale items and newly released designs.

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