Actor Jeff Bridges on Plastic Pollution

Jeff knows: plastic is a substance the Earth cannot digest. Worldwide reliance on disposable plastic packaging and utensils is poisoning our bodies, killing wildlife, and overwhelming our planet. Single-use plastic deepens our dependence on fossil fuels, contributing to climate change and further harming our most at-risk communities.

The global problem of unnecessary plastics was demonstrated perfectly when a Whole Foods grocer in California was called out for selling pre-peeled oranges in plastic deli containers — and at $6 a pound. “Orangegate” quickly spread on social media when PPC re-posted a photo of the oranges, which reached more than 1 million people on Facebook. To their credit, Whole Foods responded within two days by pulling the oranges from their shelves and issuing an apology on Twitter.

Still, consumers can find everything from plastic-wrapped single bananas to individually wrapped jelly beans on store shelves today. We hope Jeff’s message will continue to prompt consumers and retailers to open their eyes and demand reductions in plastic waste. Meanwhile, Jeff recently shared with us reflections on his own growing awareness of the plastic pollution problem.

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