Meet the Cheeki Ambassadors | School Holiday’s Drawing Competition

Stuck on ideas on what to do these school holidays?
With Plastic Free July well and truly here, we want to motivate the next generation of world leaders to join the fight against single use plastic! Inspired by our Cheeki Ocean Ambassadors (check them out below) we are committed to helping our ocean animals live a plastic free life.

- Kids must be between 3 to 7 years to enter
- Draw their favourite sea animal
- Tell us in a few words how you're going to help stop plastic going into the ocean.
- Entries must be submitted between 2nd July 2020 to 20th July 2020


We will be choosing 3 winners to receive:
1 x Kids Drink Bottle of their choice. RRP $39.95
1 x 500ml Lunch Box. RRP $32.95

** Entries are to be submitted to (please title July Kids Comp) as a photo or scanned document. In the email a parent/guardian must consent that Cheeki is able to post the drawing on their social media pages and website. Cheeki will NOT disclose name of the entrants.

 About the Cheeki Ocean Ambassadors

To share our refill, reuse message we hired the help of some Cheeki Ocean friends. These sea creatures share the planet with us but unfortunately their homes are becoming filled with more and more of our rubbish. Since we live in an ecosystem together the actions, we do affect our friends in the ocean! Check them out below, follow their stories and learn how we can help them!

Hi, I’m Sammy and I’m a Great White Shark. The open ocean is my home and I can be found cruising around the waters.Unfortunately, plastic is slowly making its way into my stomach through what’s called bioaccumulation. This means if a little fish eats a piece of plastic and I eat that little fish it means I also eat that piece of plastic. Once plastic is in the food chain it’s very difficult to remove and since I’m at the top of that food chain I’ll be eating a lot of plastic!



Hi, I'm Sienna the West Australian Seahorse and I'm is the smallest member of the Ocean Friends. Yes, even the smallest sea creatures are effected by plastic pollution. The biggest issue for me is that since plastic has been in the waterways for so long it has broken down into tiny pieces. Small enough to resemble our food. Eating a tiny piece is OK but if I keep eating and eating more and more little pieces I'll it will build up and make me very sick!
















Hi, I'm Pia the Gentoo penguin. I live mainly in Antarctica and South America. Not only can I get caught in plastic but by the time plastic waste reaches the Antarctica it's usually broken down into small pieces. So a drink bottle may have broken down into 10 little pieces. These little pieces shine in the sunlight and look like my favourite food, fish! If I eat too much plastic it can make me extremely sick!


Hi I'm Oska, the Orca or Killer Whale. Sometimes I get tangled in plastic netting but the biggest problem for me is eating plastic from my food through a similar as process as Sammy called Biomagnification. This means my stomach will become full of plastic which stops my body from getting proper food and I could die!



Hi, my name is Dani and I’m a bottlenose dolphin. I spend my life cruising up and down the Australian coast looking for food and playing in pods.Since I'm a fish eater I like to hang around entrances of harbours, estuaries and river mouthes since this is where the fish like to hang out. What happens is that these water systems run inland a very long way and all the plastic rubbish collects in these waterways and empties where we feed. So I end up eating some of that plastic which makes me very sick!


Hi, my name is Taj and I'm a green sea turtle who lives in the tropics of Australia. My friends and I travel very long distances to find food and breed. The biggest issue I have with plastic is that it looks like the food I like to eat! Not only that but because we have to come to the surface to breathe there's a chance that I could get tangled in discarded fishing nets and fishing lines!












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