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In order to step up our mission to reduce single-use plastic we are so excited to finally introduce you to our new brand of cleaning tablets called CHANGE.


What is CHANGE?

CHANGE Is a range of cleaning tablets that dissolve in water to create an effective cleaning solution. Within the range there is your standard multi-purpose cleaner for kitchen and bathroom, glass cleaner, water bottle cleaner, washing machine cleaner and finally a hand sanitiser. Yes, a dissolvable hand sanitiser tablet to keep your hands clean which also features a cool no-touch foaming dispenser! It's easy to use; simply drop, dissolve and clean. No more single-use plastic, no more carrying heavy cleaning bottles.


Our Mission

Like you, we want to eliminate the need for single-use plastic and stop plastic pollution across the globe.  Plastic is everywhere. From the deepest parts of the ocean to the most remote parts of Antarctica. A quick walk down the supermarket cleaning isle and you’ll be hit with a sea of plastic packaging. Why do we use single-use plastic every time we need to buy cleaning products? Something needed to change which is why we created CHANGE. We wanted to disrupt the market and give people a cleaning product without the single-use plastic. Being lightweight also reduces our carbon footprint in production and distribution making it a better product for you and your planet.


Make the CHANGE 


The Range includes:
Multi-purpose Cleaner
Glass Cleaner
Water Bottle Cleaner
Washing Machine Cleaner
Hand Sanitiser (available in August. Sign up to the CHANGE newsletter to keep updated so you don't miss out!)



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