How to clean mould from water bottles

What is mould?

Mould is the collective word for tiny little microorganisms that love to live, grow and breed in dark, moist areas. Some mould is bad and some mould is delicious, blue cheese anyone? However, the black mould that commonly appears in reusable water bottles is not delicious nor is it healthy.

How does the mould get there?

Moulds spread by releasing spores into the air and float around until they find a suitable place to grow. Unless you live in a sterile bubble it’s almost impossible to avoid mould spores. The good news is that’s it’s easy to prevent them to start a new life in and around your reusable water bottle.

What can mould do to your health?

Many types of mould are toxic to us and if we ingest high volumes of mould, it can make us sick. Most cases it doesn’t cause any harm but it can create an odour or can alter the taste if your drink which is not pleasant at all!

How do you prevent mould growing?

As we’ve mentioned, mould loves damp, dark areas and your water bottle is one of those places. So, to stop the mould from making a home there you need to ensure that it’s not dark and it’s not damp all the time. It’s a little bit of work but we recommend washing and drying your water bottle every day. This will clean out any mould spores and by removing any water it prevents any growth.

Are Cheeki bottles prone to mould?

Because we use only food grade products it’s safe for us and also safe for mould to build their home if it’s not looked after. Our signature blue inner silicone shield can be subject to mould but the good news is, because it’s blue it’s easy to see the mould growing so you can attend to it rather than having mould hide in a dark coloured lid.

How do I clean the mould?

There are some different ways to rid your bottle of mould. Vinegar, bi-carb soda and lemon juice are good natural cleaning solutions to remove the mould. Or you can use a CHANGE water bottle cleaning tablet that may assist in fizzing the mould away. These are also good for keeping your bottle clean.

What happens if I can’t get rid of the mould?

Sometimes mould leaves stubborn stains which can be very annoying. Lucky, you don’t need to replace the bottle, Cheeki supplies replacement lids and parts which are much more cost effective and waste-wise. We also supply silicone shields which can be easily replaced for only a few dollars!

 So, in summary mould is everywhere and the best way to avoid mould growth is to ensure you clean and dry your bottle after a day of use. For more information on cleaning Cheeki products be sure to see our cleaning guide.

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