Easy tips for an eco-friendly Easter.

With Easter right around the corner, it can be easy to forget about all the waste, plastic packaging and foil wrap that come along with it.  So, we have put together a list of our favourite waste-free tips! 

Recycling Easter Egg Wrapping

Some may argue that easter eggs and easter egg hunts are the most crucial part of Easter. And whilst we agree, the foil packaging is a huge concern if not recycled properly. Easter egg foil should be scrunched up into a small fist-sized ball before placing it in the recycling bin. This makes sure the small pieces of foil do not get lost during the recycling process. If you haven’t consumed enough chocolate and you don’t want to eat any more, simply place the foil pieces into an aluminium can and recycle!


Make your own Easter Baskets

Instead of purchasing prepackaged Easter Baskets filled with plastic toys, why not try and make your own! Our favourite pieces for an easter basket include home-made treats, wooden toys, handmade toys from fabric, an experience gift or seeds for them to make their own little garden (great for kids! Although make sure they don’t confuse them for lollies).



Use shredded paper instead of plastic grass 

The plastic grass you see which fills easter baskets is something to avoid at all costs! Plastic grass is horrible for the environment, not only is it renowned for clogging water ways it is likely to get consumed by pets and wildlife (they mistake it for grass!). Plastic grass is not recyclable and will most likely end up scattered through the garden or in our oceans. Instead, we recommend using shredded paper!

Recycle household items for Decorations 

Creating Easter decorations or making an Easter hat for the annual Easter Hat Parade is a ritual for some. Sure, you could buy a whole bunch of plastic-filled variety store decorations or you can get creative and make your own decorations. Coloured paper, toilet rolls, egg cartons, dry pasta and the like can make some cute, eco friendly decorations. 

Be smart with seafood 

Easter lunch is, in our humble opinion, one of the BEST things about Easter. Many of us do follow the tradition of eating seafood on Good Friday and over the Easter long weekend. By being smart with your seafood choices has a big impact on the planet. There are plenty of organisations out there to help you make the best choices with seafood. The good fish is a great, simply guide that's been created by the Marine Conservation Society. https://goodfish.org.au/ 

With that said, we know it's Easter and it's a time to celebrate and it's not a test to see how much or how little waste you create. It's about making a little change that may have a big impact on you, your family and your planet. 



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