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Our new beach bags are a must-have this summer! Made from tough and durable EVA these bags are perfect for carrying beach toys, towels, water bottles, snacks and so much more!

Instead bringing the beach back into the car or home these bags are designed to be easy to clean and emptied. Simply tip it upside down to clear out all the sand. With limited pouches and pockets there wont be any sandy surprises. The rigid shape makes it really easy to stand and pack. Being waterproof you can throw in wet swimmers without having to worry about the bag becoming damaged.

With the large bags holding up to 10kg it also makes for an awesome shopping bag!


  • EVA construction
  • UVA resistant (Limited colour fading in the sun)
  • Waterproof
  • Small holds up to 5kg
  • Large holds up to 10kg
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  •  Size Volume Weight

    Height (excludes handles)

    Width Depth
    Small 15 Litres 625g 31cm 37cm 14cm
    Large 37 Litres 1247g 33cm 49cm 23cm

    Our beach bags are made from a premium EVA material making them tough, durable and easy to clean. With a little bit of TLC these bags will last a very, very long time!


    A simple hose out and a drip-dry will suffice. For tough stains use warm soapy water and sponge to remove or an antibacterial wipe. Try not to use bleaches or harsh chemicals as they can discolour the material.


    Try not to leave in areas of extreme heat. Like in a hot car for a week or next to fire. Reason is this heat can warp and misshapen the bag. Also do not place heavy items on top of the bag for long periods of time as this too can warp/misshapen the bag.

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