• 1.6 Litre Thirsty Max Stainless Steel Bottle - Silver
  • 1.6 Litre Thirsty Max Stainless Steel Bottle - Silver
  • 1.6 Litre Thirsty Max Stainless Steel Bottle - Silver
  • 1.6 Litre Thirsty Max Stainless Steel Bottle - Silver
1.6 Litre Thirsty Max Stainless Steel Bottle - Silver

$39.95 AUD


This 1.6 litre (54.1oz) bottle is the toughest and lightest of its kind. The perfect light weight alternative to insulated bottles, this 1.6L beauty will keep you hydrated in style. Perfect for hiking, camping, sport, work or just those long commutes you can take this bottle with you on any adventure. Designed with our wide-mouth bamboo lid, means these bottles are totally leak proof. Looking for a bottle to keep your liquid cold all day? Check out our 1.9L insulated Cheeki Chiller.


100% Leakproof 
304 [18/8] Food grade stainless steel
BPA & Toxin free
Australia Designed and owned 
Cheeki Lifetime Warranty Cheeki Lifetime Warranty 



Customer Reviews

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Bee H.
Thirsty Max - envy of my friends!

This is a great bottle!! It holds lots of water for me but is not heavy to carry at all when full. I have had many people comment on it and ask where I got it!! Thanks!!!!

Kellie P
1.6L thirsty max

I just love the teal colour, its so beautiful. Perfect size for me to take to work, whilst being easy to carry even when full!

Top quality

Fantastic quality n look , perfect size .
Thank you 4 professional service n fast shipping.

Sandi Dwyer
Exceptional Products exceptional service and exceptional earth care

We have used Cheeki products for a number of years now and they are all going strong even when dropped off the roof of the car a number of kms down the road. I had to laugh recently when I put my insulated water bottles in the fridge to get cold. To my surprise the next morning they were at room temperature. lol so I splurged and purchase 1.6 single wall water bottles that have surpassed my expectations. I also bought some cleaning tablets which worked extremely well on my water bottles and I d thought I’d try on my tea /coffee cup it came out sparkling clean no more brown on the inside. Cheeki’s products are exceptional quality do what they say they do and the colours make me smile. Thanks for caring about the individual, the world and creation.

Cheeki 1.6 Litre ‘Thirsty Max’ silver stainless steel water bottle - a very good bottle

I recently purchased the Cheeki 1.6 Litre ‘Thirsty Max’ silver stainless steel water bottle for work and leisure. I am really happy with this purchase. I use it every day and it goes everywhere with me at work, play and home. It’s easy to load with ice cubes due to the nice wide mouth. Easy to drink from as the mouthpiece has a rounded lip. The inside diameter of the open mouth piece is approx 4.5cm. Easy to carry with one finger. Easy to clip onto a work bag or day pack as the carry handle is robust stainless steel. The stainless steel handle feels firm and does not flop around. The bamboo lid topper is a nice organic feature. Be aware when screwing the lid in and out it does make a small amount of stainless steel on stainless steel squeaky noise (this did not bother me as its a small sacrifice for not having a plastic lid).
It’s a great bottle for taking to the beach and road trips as it holds a lot of water. The tall slender design allows it to be slipped easily into a beach bag or work bag. Being uninsulated reduces the overall weight of the bottle and maximises the volume of water that can be carried within it. Just be aware that you will get condensation on the outside if you put chilled water in it (this did not bother me in the slightest as I totally expected it to). Being constructed of 99% stainless steel is great as there is no disgusting plastic touching the drinking water inside (I researched hundreds of bottles on the internet for this specific feature prior to purchasing the Thirsty Max 1.6L silver bottle - it seems to me to be the biggest stainless steel water bottle available that does not have a plastic lid).
The silicone ‘o’ ring lid seal is easily removable for cleaning too.
Also, the packaging it arrived in was not plastic, mostly paper and cardboard which indicated to me that Cheeki are doing their bit for the environment and are forward thinking (if only all other companies would do the same - what a wonderful world it would be).
I read on the label that it came with that it is ‘made in China’ - it would be the perfect bottle for me if it was made 100% in Australia (note to Cheeki: if it was made 100% in Australia I would have been prepared to pay more for it).
All in all a great bottle that I have been recommending to my work colleagues and family who admire its simplicity of design and no disgusting plastic.
I recommend this product to anyone looking for a larger size personal water bottle. Since buying this bottle I’ve never drunk so much water.
Hopefully Cheeki will make all their bottles plastic free in future.
Thanks Cheeki for making this great stainless steel water bottle and for the delivery within 2 days.