Taj the Turtle

Hi, my name is Taj and I'm a  green sea turtle who lives in the tropics of Australia. My friends and I travel very long distances to find food and breed. You may have seen me popping my head up out of the water while you've been on holiday on the Great Barrier Reef. 

Because I spend my life travelling I see lots of plastic from different countries around the world. Once plastic is in the big blu ocean, wind, weather and currents push it around all over the world! 

The biggest issue I have with plastic is that it looks like the food I like to eat! My diet is made up of seaweed, sea grass and jellyfish. When a white plastic bag is under water it looks like a jellyfish and when a green plastic bag is under water it looks like a piece of seaweed. 

When I eat this plastic it can make me a little sick but because I need the energy to travel I need to eat more and more and sometimes my friends have eaten so much plastic they didn't survive which is very sad. 

Eating plastic is one problem but beacuse we have to come to the surface to breathe there's a chance that I could get tangled in discarded fishing nets and fishing lines. Because I'm not the strongest swimmer It's very hard for me to break-away from it. 

My friends and I have been on the planet for millions of years and my cousins were around when dinosaurs were walking the earth and we've never encountered anything as dangerous as plastic.