Plastic is strangling our marine animals, poisoning our land, toxifying our air with greenhouse gas, harming our bodies with BPA poisons and costing Australians $500 million each year for the pleasure.

In Australia alone, 460,000 barrels of oil are needed to produce and transport water bottles and less than 40% are recycled which means some 220 million bottles are now part of our world for the next 1000 years.

What can you do?  Get on board!  Here are some examples of things we found seriously excellent.

In 2016 San Francisco set a world first by banning the sale of water bottles instead providing the city with Refill Stations.  Other cities are now planning to do the same.  

Sporting events are increasingly banning disposable cups instead asking participants to BYO and refill their bottles at water stations.

From junior schools to governments there is increasing pressure on policy makers around the globe to ban water bottles and go back to the tap.  Check out your local area and see who needs your support.

Cheeki are proud to support Two Hands project.

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