General Customer Service 

Where can I buy a Cheeki product?
All Cheeki products are available online. They are also available through retailers around Australia. Please check our Online Store Locator for a retailer nearest you. To avoid disappointment, make sure you give the shop a call before you visit to make sure they have the item you are looking for. 

What should I do with a faulty product?
All manufacturing faults are covered with our Cheeki Warranty. 
If you feel your product has a manufacturing default, please return your item to the retailer where you bought the product. 
If you bought online, please contact through website Contact page here and send us a photo and detailed description of the default.
Any damage sustained by wear and tear, mishandling or dropping your product will not be covered by Cheeki. 
If you are unsure if your damaged item is covered by warranty, please send us photos and a detailed description of the default through website Contact page here and we will assess on a case by case basis.

Will you bring the kid's cup and bottles back?
We are constantly reviewing our product range to keep up with the latest customer needs. At present we will not be providing a specific “kids” cup or bottle, however the smaller sizes are excellent for little hands and small day packs.

Why is the Original range no longer available?
We pride ourselves on keeping up with our customer’s lifestyles. Tastes and needs change constantly and so must our technology and our designs. Introduced to the Australian market in 2009, our Original Range is an outstanding product that has stood the test of time. In order to carry the brand forward to bigger and international markets, a technical upgrade and design change was required, and so the Classic Range was born.

We hope you enjoy the more contemporary shape, the significant improvements to the lids including the addition of the Silicone Shield which stops all your drinks from touching plastic. 


How can I become a retailer for Cheeki?
Do you live or work in an area you think would benefit from having Cheeki products? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us through our website Contact page here and tell us a bit about yourself and your business ideas. 

Do you have a wholesale prices?
Wholesale prices are provided to registered and credit cleared retailers. If you would like to become a retailer contact us through our website Contact page here and tell us a bit about yourself and your business ideas. 

How do I insert the straw in older Kids Lids?
Tie the black part of the straw with a rubber band tightly from one end. Insert the other part of the band into the lid hole and pull out from outside until it gets in its position. If you need a video please contact us here.

How do I remove the label glue if it doesn't come off?
Put some oil (olive oil, baby oil or coconut oil) on the glue. Leave for 10 mins and then wipe off with a dry cloth. 


What is 18/8 (304) food grade stainless steel?
All Cheeki products are constructed from high quality, 18/8, food grade stainless steel. This refers to the percentages of chromium and nickel in the steel - 18% and 8%. Chromium is used to increase the metals hardness where as nickel gives it strength. When combined they make stainless steel highly resistant to stain and rust. The smooth surface makes it easy to clean, more durable and more hygienic (less opportunity for bacteria to accumulate and contaminate whats inside). 

Why do we use stainless steel and not aluminium for our products?
As long as the steel content rating is sufficiently high enough, Stainless Steel is a food safe material that can be used for food and drinks without a lining. 

Aluminium and lower grade Stainless Steel should NOT be used without an internal lining as bacteria harbours in the crevices of the material and it is not deemed food-safe. 

Internal linings are made from plastics and will therefore leach toxic chemicals into your water. These products cannot be labelled BPA-free. 

More information about the importance of using stainless steel and not aluminium can be found on our blog. All Cheeki products use a food grade stainless steel and are BPA Free.

Do Cheeki products contain any heavy metals like lead?
No way! All Cheeki products are non-toxic (including the paint) and FDA approved. Safe and durable we are committed to ensuring their is no toxins or lead. 

Is my Cheeki BPA free?
Yes, all Cheeki products are totally BPA free.
Stainless steel used in the body of all our products is a BPA free material.
Polypropylene 5 is used for the non-steel parts of products. This is a hard plastic and is certified BPA free. 
Paints used on the outside of our products are all non-toxic and BPA free.

Does my Cheeki have an inner / internal lining?
No. Cheeki products use a premium #304 (18/8) food grade stainless steel which means there is no need for internal linings and are therefore BPA and toxicity free. 

Products with internal linings should be avoided as these are usually made from plastic and will leach toxicity into your drinks, particularly when hot liquids are used.

What is Cheeki's accreditation?
Cheeki products and manufacturing facilities are accredited with USA FDA, European Union and Fair-work certification. 

Why are Cheeki products made in China?
Currently Cheeki is manufactured in China. We continue to research opportunities to bring our business home, but unfortunately due to the costs of steel and production we would not be able to provide economically priced products. 

We can assure all customers that Cheeki obtains full accreditation for all manufacturing facilities and work practices used by Cheeki prior to the start of manufacturing. We are committed to ensuring a healthy, safe and responsibly managed environment with our partners in China and that all operations involved meet industry standards. 

If you would like more information on our manufacturing in China please get in touch!

Is my Cheeki bottle recyclable?

Yes you can recycle your Cheeki by breaking it down in the following way:
- The Stainless Steel body parts can be put with the tin/metal items.
- The plastic parts have a PP5 rating and can be recycled with other plastics. 

Some states and countries will recycle Silicone. If your product contains a Silicone seal please check with your local council for recycling practices. 
Note: Recycling practices vary from Australian state to Australian state and from country to country. Please check with your local council for specific recycling practices. 

I have a colour suggestions where do I submit?
We would love to hear all your suggestions for new prints, colours and designs. Please get in touch through  here

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