Dani the Dolphin

Hi everyone, my name is Dani and I’m a bottlenose dolphin. I spend my life cruising up and down the Australian coast looking for food and playing in pods. You may have seen me or my friends jumping out of the water at the beach.

One thing I’m seeing a lot of is plastic rubbish. Because I hang around close to the shore most of my life 1 come in close contact to humans. This means I have to deal with all the plastic packets, bottles and bags which not only is an ugly sight to see but can also be very dangerous for us.

Since I'm a fish eater I like to hang around entrances of harbours, estuaries and river mouthes since this is where the fish like to hang out. What happens is that these water systems run inland a very long way and all the plastic rubbish collects in these waterways and empties where we feed. So I end up eating some of that plastic which makes me very sick! 

I try my best to avoid it but sometimes it's just too hard since there's so much! So, no matter where you are always put your rubbish in the bin. It will be a big help!