How can I remove the staining inside my cup?
If your cup or mug needs a little love or is looking dirty inside, the best method of safely cleaning is our CHANGE water bottle cleaning tablets. Simply fill your Cheeki Coffee Mug or Cup with warm water, drop in one CHANGE water bottle tablet and leave it to dissolve for 15/20 minutes! Give it a rinse once dissolved and all the stains and smells will be gone. Alternatively check out our blogs for more thorough cleaning tips.

How do I check if my insulated mug is working properly?
Simply fill with boiling water and if your insulated coffee cup is working properly the outside of the product will remain cool to touch. 

If the coffee cup is hot to touch on the outside, your insulation has failed. In that instance please send us a photo and a detailed description of the fault to here and we will assess each claim individually.

Are the Coffee Cup and Coffee Mug lids interchangeable?
No. Our Coffee Mug lids will not fit on our Coffee Cups and vice versa. 

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