One of the most common questions we received from customers was how best to clean your water bottle? After months of research and development we created cleaning tablet that would dissolve in the bottle and provide a powerful clean. Then we thought why stop there? Why not create a whole range of products? 18 months later, CHANGE was created. A range of effective cleaning tablets for a cleaner home and a cleaner planet.



The Multi-purpose cleaner is effective in removing grease and grime in the kitchen and bathroom.


Clean with CHANGE glass cleaning tablets for a streak-free shine without the single-use plastic bottles.

Water Bottle

Change water bottle cleaning tablets provide a deep clean into your reusable water bottle by removing stains and odours. Our bottle cleaning tablets can be used for glass, metal, ceramic and plastic water bottles.

Washing Machine

Change washing machine tablets have been formulated to clean your washing machine removing dirt, limescale and odours to keep your clothes cleaner and fresher.  

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