Why you should use insulated coffee cups when going reusable

Every year billions of single use disposable coffee cups are produced and everyday millions of these cups are end up in landfill after a single use. Poor waste management and limited numbers of recycling plants pushes this wastage toward our oceans. Majority of these single use cups are made of Styrofoam which is a type of plastic ( Polystyrene ) that never breaks down entirely.

what about single use paper cups ? they are not made entirely of paper, they are partly made or coated in a type of plastic which keeps them water resistant. 

There are plenty of reusable options on the market but most aren't insulated. Here are few reasons for why you should buy an insulated coffee cup.

B P A Free

Insulated coffee mugs are made from food grade stainless steel. They're are not made from plastic , which makes them B P A ( Bisphenol A ) free. B P A is found in Poly-carbonate plastics and epoxy resins such as daily use plastic and beverage containers, by switching to reusable mugs you can avoid being in contact with B P A while having your morning coffee.

Keep Drinks Cold & Hot

Our reusable coffee mugs and cups feautre Cheeki's superior double wall vacuum insulation that keeps your beverage cold for up to 12 hours and hot for up to 8 hours. 

Insulation in Mugs

Spill-Proof and Leak-Proof

As the insulation in coffee cup keeps the beverages cold and hot for longer period Cheeki's coffee cups are much more spill-proof than a disposable cup. For a complete leak-proof cup our Insulated Coffee Mugs are the way to go. 

Environment Friendly

Most of vacuum insulated reusable coffee mugs manufactured from premium food grade stainless steel or with glass are found to be environmentally friendly same cannot be said about the lids. Just refill and reuse your reusable mug and you will never need to use a disposable paper or Styrofoam coffee cup again.

Built to last

Our stainless steel cups are manufactured in a single mold which give them a clean and sleek design and structurally stronger. There are no parts that are joined together it's simply one mould. This makes them built to be reused over and over again. 

Car Cup Holder Friendly

Reusable mugs are a great road trip companion. Designed with commuters in mind most of the reusable cups are car cup holder friendly. Our popular insulated coffee cups are designed to fit most standard car cup holders and stroller drink holders. Checkout our insulated coffee cup range using the link below.


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