Ten Things You Can Do Today To Reduce Plastic

1.Make a resolution to reduce the plastics you throw away – and post it prominently on social media. Your pride will propel you into action and you’ll open up the opportunities for conversations with others doing, or thinking about, the same thing.

2.Buy a metal water bottle and use the tap. There’s no reason for anyone with access to safe, clean water to buy it bottled in plastic. It’s not better for us – in fact, tests show almost all bottles water contains mircoplastics that we ingest

3.Stash reusable bags in useful places – folded in your bag, in the back of the car (I don’t have a car so I use a granny trolley on wheels)

4.Carry a reusable coffee cup. If you forget, don’t use a take-away ‘just that once’, sit down and enjoy your coffee in a real ceramic cup

5.Say no to plastics straws and balloons – convenient and fun for a few minutes or hours, dangerous to wildlife and the environment for decades

6.Give up liquid soap and shampoo. Soap and shampoo bars work just as well and come wrapped in paper. 

7.Swap the cling film in the kitchen drawer for greaseproof paper or beeswax wraps.

8.Bake a batch of biscuits - flour, sugar, butter and eggs are avaibale in paper or cardboard packaging (and are a great way to reward yourself for your plastic-free efforts)

9.Eat an ice cream in a cone - the ultimate waste-free take-away treat

10.Pick up a few pieces of plastic litter every day. Sadly, this is not hard to find. Every bit we take off the street means less plastic washing into the waterways. 

Excerpt from Quitting Plastic – Easy and practical ways to cut down the plastic in your life. By Clara Williams Roldan and Louise Williams.

To learn more about their great guidebook click HERE

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