Insulated coffee cups or reusable coffee cups?

Are you struggling to choose between an Insulated coffee cup or a reusable coffee cup?

Insulated cups keep the coffee hot for a longer period compared to the reusable cups. Insulated mugs and cups keep the coffee hot or cold for longer period by simply insulating the inner contents of the mug from the outside, this is made possible with a single mold double wall design. When the space between the walls of insulated mug is vacuumed there are molecules to transfer the heat from inside to outside and vice versa.

Reusable cups are designed to minimize the use of single use plastic cups. Reusable mugs serve best for the coffee lovers who prefers to drink coffee on a quicker pace, as reusable cups are not always insulated it may not fit the need of slow coffee drinkers.

Which reusable cup is travel friendly?

Well both the insulated cups and reusable cups are travel and environment friendly. Reusable insulated cups not only help in minimizing the waste created by single use cups but also keeps the coffee or tea hot for longer time. Just the reusable cups without insulation do exactly the same except they are not insulated, reusable cups will not keep your coffee hot for longer time. Most of the reusable cups available in the market are made from glass, which makes them heavy and hard to carry if they have no outer silicon grip as the heat gets transferred to the outer layer of the cup it may cause our hand to burn. Insulated mugs are available in glass and stainless steel works the best as it doesn't cause any burns to our hands and are mostly leak proof. Also, it is to be noted when buying an insulated mug, stainless-steel mugs provide better insulation than the insulated glass mugs. Our conclusion is Insulated coffee cups are more travel friendly than reusable coffee cups.

Which one is more durable insulated coffee mug or reusable cup?

The answer is insulated mug, especially the ones made of stainless steel. Stainless steel mugs are crack resistant due to their single mold design. Insulated glass mugs or reusable cups can easily brake with a slip of hand. The reusable cups made of glass have a short re-usability span as they tend to break easily. Also note that reusable only cups are mainly spill proof and it’s hard to find a leak proof reusable cup on the other hand majority of the available insulated cups are leak proof and spill proof.

Insulated Leak Proof Mugs

What is the best reusable coffee mug on the market?

There is no simple answer to this but what can get you close to finding the best reusable cup is research. When you’re looking to buy insulated mug or reusable cups research the following.

  • Is the coffee cup leak proof or its just spill proof?

Spill proof cups are not leak proof and may leak when kept in a hand bag or a carry bag.

  • What is it made of?

this will make a big difference to durability when it comes to buying a coffee cup.

  • Is the reusable cup BPA free?

Insulated or reusable coffee mugs made from food grade stainless steel or glass are generally BPA free (please make sure the cup lids are also BPA free).

  • are coffee cups car cup holder friendly?

Not all the reusable or insulated cups are car holder friendly and that may cause a bit of inconvenience when using your coffee cup while driving.

Insulated Cups

Are insulated coffee cups being reusable also?

All the insulated cups in the market are reusable and refillable. You can refill and reuse you insulated coffee mug as many times as you like. They are also leak proof and durable. Especially when drinking hot tea you can refill your insulated canister as many times as you like and keep going, If you like to drink hot tea before you go to bed the insulated leak proof tea and coffee cups are the best to suit your needs, don't be surprised when your tea is still hot when you wake up in the morning. as insulation may last up to 8 to 12 hours.

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