How To Clean Your Stainless-Steel Water Bottle

You’ve bought your Cheeki Stainless Steel water bottle because you know how much plastic is strangling our planet; or you respect your body too much to absorb any more toxicity from plastic or like us you are just completely obsessed with Cheeki colours and high-quality design. No matter the reason you have made the right choice!

Fast forward a few weeks and you have been loving your eco-friendly, zero-toxicity, reusable water bottle so much that you have almost forgot to show some love back to your bottle and give it a good clean.. Don’t worry though it happens! . Mineral deposits collect on any surface they can and usually decide to choose the inside of your water bottle. Stainless steel is non-porous meaning there is nowhere for bacterial or fungus to grow but that doesn’t mean it never needs to be cleaned.

Let’s get into washing your water bottle

Putting your stainless-steel water bottle in the dishwasher seems like the best option; it’s quick and easy and you don’t have to think twice. However, this will affect the longevity of your stainless-steel water bottle. Putting your bottle through the dishwasher will affect the colour and the beautiful painted designs on the outside of your bottle. While lids may occasionally be put through the dishwasher it is important to note that after a few washes it will start to disintegrate the silicone seals on the inside.

Don’t worry though we’ve got you covered. Using Cheeki’s simple, eco-friendly housekeeping tricks regularly will give you that new bottle feeling every time.

Step 1: CHANGE Water Bottle Cleaning Tablets

First you need to invest in a water bottle cleaner. CHANGE water bottle tablets bring a new revolutionary way to clean that are better for both the environment and your bottle. CHANGE tablets will provide a deep clean into your reusable water bottle by fizzing away those tough stains and odours. They can also be used for glass, metal, ceramic and plastic water bottles (we won’t judge). These are available to purchase from the Cheeki online store or just visit

Step 2: The Clean  

Say goodbye to the days of forcing a plastic brush into the tiny crevices of your stainless-steel bottle. Once you have purchased your CHANGE water bottle cleaner tablets all you need to do is fill up your Cheeki stainless steel bottle with warm to hot water and drop in a CHANGE tablet. Leave for 15 to 20 minutes allowing the tablet to completely dissolve. Rinse thoroughly after the clean and you’re done!

Step 3: Reuse

Strong and durable, your Cheeki bottles are designed to be used and reused. Cheeki uses the highest quality, food grade stainless steel and silicone so when you buy Cheeki you know you are buying the highest quality product. Look after it carefully and it will go anywhere with you!

A cheeky tip - if you have a bunch of bottles to clean, simply fill up the kitchen sink with warm to hot water, drop in a CHANGE tablet and soak your water bottles. 


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