4 Reasons to choose a non-insulated water bottle

Here at Cheeki we take pride in creating premium insulated water bottles. Our vacuum insulation can keep water cold for up to 24 hours and hot for 12 hours which is ideal for those who love to drink cold or hot water throughout the day.

However, we also pride ourselves in providing an extensive range of stainless steel water bottles and we do have non-insulated water bottles in our collection. These are what we call our single-wall water bottles because, unlike our insulated range, our single wall range are constructed with one sheet of steel. Why would you get a single wall bottle when there are insulated options? Well, here are four reasons why.

Lighter and thinner

The single-wall bottles are much lighter than our insulated drink bottles. As it’s only one layer of stainless steel it makes it around 30% to 40% lighter. Plus it gives the bottle a thinner profile. This makes them ideal for school bags and being a thinner profile makes them more suitable for car cup holders. 

Holds more water

As the single-wall water bottles have less layers of steel it allows more space to fill with water. For example, our 750ml single wall drink bottle is the same size as our 600ml insulated drink bottle but holds 150ml more water. This makes it perfect for hiking, sports and everyday use. Especially if you’re not too phased by drinking room temperature water.


Safe and Tough

Since the single-wall bottles don't insulated some may opt for the plastic option but there are many downsides for choosing plastic. Firstly, plastic water bottles are weak. Cheeki’s single mould construction means there are minimal parts/join lines making for a durable water bottle that can take a punch. (please don’t punch the bottle, it will hurt you…a lot) Secondly, it’s much safer. Cheeki only uses 304 [18/8] food grade stainless steel meaning that’s its 100% free from BPA or heavy metals.


Across the Cheeki range the single-wall range are around $10 cheaper than the insulated range. This is great for those wanting to save a few dollars for a safe, durable water bottle. 

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