The Cheeki Lid

At Cheeki we’ve created a new type of reusable bottle to help you refill reuse. The one thing we've taken much pride in is the design of our lids. What makes them different? Well, let us open up on the little bit more info.....(excuse the pun) 

The Silicone Shield Lid

This is our “classic” lid which comes standard with our classic range. The silicone shield is designed to ensure that NO plastic will touch your drink. The silicone is
FDA approved to be totally food safe. In addition, the lid also has insulation properties helping your insulated bottle keep your drink cooler or hotter for longer. 


Tri Tech Sports Lid

This is our “active” lid designed for those on-the-go, playing sport or who just simply want to open their bottle with one hand. This lid features our unique 3-click flow setting providing a slow, medium and fast flow. On fast it doesn’t pour out as takes a bit of suction to drink from. This makes it great for the little ones. When the lid is on X it’s 100% leakproof and lastly it has a neat flip top dust cap.


Yes, since they are our lids and our bottles both the Tri Tech Lid and Silicone Shield Lid fit on all our Classic Range and Active Range bottles. Not our Original Range. This makes the one Cheeki bottle the perfect all-rounder with the two lids. Use the Tri Tech Lid for the gym then swap over the Classic at work.