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Cheeki Reviews

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great bottle

Quality made bottle, insulated lid and great look. Keeps your water cold all day even in the heat. Couldn't live without our Cheeki's

Sports bottle

Really like this product! Really good for the kids easy to use and they look great too

Active bottles

I ordered 3 Cheeki active bottles and I am quite pleased with them as they are well constructed. However, although the new lid works quite well I do wish you still had the option of the older sport bottle lids as they were very simple - just tip and pour and I found mine has never leaked and is super-easy to clean. My old one is still going well but is only 750ml and I like the 1litre size. It would be great if you still had the option of the old lid - any chance you’ll be bringing it back?


Amazing I got them for my 3 boys and they have been so good so easy to clean

Avocado CHEEKI

This is my 3rd CHEEKI. Its great to have a cup of tea on the go, especially when I am busy at work. Keeps my tea warm for hours. Highly recommend this product.