• Tri-Tech Sports Lid
  • Tri-Tech Sports Lid
  • Tri-Tech Sports Lid
Tri-Tech Sports Lid

$14.95 AUD


Our brand new Tri-Tech Sports Lid now features a rubber handle for easy carrying. With three adjustable flow settings as well as a leak-proof off setting, this lid is perfect for the gym and the office. Our Tri-Tech Sports Lid will fit all Active Range and Classic Range bottles in sizes; 400ml, 500ml, 600ml, 750ml and 1L. Please note this lid will NOT fit the Cheeki Chiller or Thirsty Max. Please note that the spout does require a sipping action, water will not pour out on its own. Also if a minor "whistling" sound is present this is normal as it's the air entering the bottle.  


Tri-Tech™ Sports Lid 
Leakproof only when twisted on marked ‘X’ position
BPA & Toxin free
Australia Designed and owned 



- BPA Free bottle and lid
- Toxic free paints

Patents and Design Registrations Pending on Bottle and Lid

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Awesome bottles

Ordered an insulated 600ml water bottle. It’s awesome. Arrived in all recycled packaging... big tick! New sports lid makes Star Wars lazer sounds when you drink out out... added bonus!!!

Levelling up my hydration!

The Tri-Tech lid is convenient, certainly making it easy to drink a bit more water as I don't have to unscrew everytime. Love it.

Clever lid

So good to be able to have the size bottle with a lid that doesn’t leak and is easy to use Great idea

The perfect match

I bought my hubby and myself reusable water bottles for Christmas. I found the original lid was quite sqeeky and hard to open through the night. This new lid is easy to use and has the lock option keeping all the cold in. If you buy yourself a bottle do yourself a favour straight up and buy this lid "the perfect match" you won't regret it.

Kids water bottles and lids

We love the bottles they are very durable. Our children had them for a year and we replaced the bottles as they were scratched and had lots of dents on them(my son is very rough) the rubber underneath the bottle came off but my husband superglue it back on. We could of used the bottle for longer but I like the children to start a new year at school with a new one. The only annoying thing are the lids as when they drop them the lids break. Yes it’s wonderful you can replace them but I spent $60 on replacing lids last year. Im not to sure what’s going on but all stockist have been out of stock for lids for several months which is extremely frustrating as you can’t use the bottle without the lid. I usually purchase in store but I ordered on line for this reason. I’m hoping the lids will eventually be back in stores soon if I need a lid in an emergency, but overall I would recommend these bottles to our family and friends. We have gone through a lot of different brands and the bottle certainly delivers.