• Tri-Tech Sports Lid
  • Tri-Tech Sports Lid
  • Tri-Tech Sports Lid
Tri-Tech Sports Lid
$14.95 AUD

$12.95 AUD


Our brand new Tri-Tech Sports Lid now features a rubber handle for easy carrying. With three adjustable flow settings as well as a leak-proof off setting, this lid is perfect for the gym and the office. Our Tri-Tech Sports Lid will fit all Active Range and Classic Range bottles in sizes; 400ml, 500ml, 600ml, 750ml and 1L. Please note this lid will NOT fit the Cheeki Chiller or Thirsty Max. Please note that the spout does require a sipping action, water will not pour out on its own. Also if a minor "whistling" sound is present this is normal as it's the air entering the bottle.  


Tri-Tech™ Sports Lid 
Leakproof only when twisted on marked ‘X’ position
BPA & Toxin free
Australia Designed and owned 



- BPA Free bottle and lid
- Toxic free paints

Patents and Design Registrations Pending on Bottle and Lid

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
John Botting
Tri Tech Sports Lid

Fantastic addition to the Cheeki Bottle. I mainly use the bottle whilst gardening, so makes drinking with dirty hands effortless. Many Thanks

Amy Faulds
The best we have tried!

Our family loves the Cheeki Tri-Tech Sports lid! Even our 1yo happily drinks from it. :) We have just ordered replacement lids after two of five lids got broken… only because the kids decided to play soccer with their bottles. 😩 They last well and are easy to clean. The Cheeki bottle range are our favourite!

Pregnancy safe and doesn’t leek

I got the tri tech sports lid to go with my stainless steel 1L water bottle. Love that it doesn’t leak, I don’t have to unscrew the lid to drink from it (too time consuming when I’m wearing a mask all day at work), and the materials are pregnancy safe - no BPAs or plastic!

Margaret McAteer

Please don’t put instructions in bottle ended up soaking them and rinsing them. Didn’t realise they were in bottle till a bit came out. Otherwise kept my coffee hot for ages. Thanks

Alicia Waldron
Cheeki 600ml bottle

Love this size bottle. It’s not as heavy as the 1L so my boys prefer it. Only problem is I only have one of them in this size so they fight over it. Will now need to buy more.